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Windows that don't roll all the way up

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Today at the carwash I noticed that my drivers side door did not roll all the way up. This could have been user error, or it could have been the car. This is the second time I've wet the interior of my car unexpectedly, though, so I wonder if anyone else has experienced this issue.
Did you close the door hard? If you don’t close it hard enough the window will stay open slightly.

Normally when you open the door it rolls down slightly. When you close it waits a second and then rolls up to seal. This is a very common action for coupes and convertibles that don’t have framed doors.
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A piece of my seal in the window of the driver came apart recently. First it stuck outside the window (about half an inch) and it make it sticky so the window would get stuck a bit when trying to roll down. I did eventually turn the sticky side that was protruding out to go back in but when I washed my car today, that piece just broke off.

My rear passenger window wouldn't roll up and stay when I got my window tinted. You would start to roll it up and when it hit the top, it would roll back down again. This was eventually fixed by gentry using the window button to move it back up slowly and eventually it reached the top and haven't had an issue since.
It's been reported that if you roll the window all the way up with the door switch, and then hold the switch in the "up" position for 30 seconds, it should recalibrate the window position.

(Note I don't know if you need to release the switch in between the above two actions... if one doesn't work , try the other).