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Windshield bubbles

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My M3LD has developed what appears to be bubbles in the glass where bugs have hit. I have washed every week using car wash soap. Today I tried cleaning inside and out with two types of window cleaner and then dish soap which I rinsed off. No matter what I do the bubbles are still there. They are most prominent when the window is wet. Does anyone have an explanation or suggestion I might use. I bought it in April '19 and it currently has 8,800 miles. Thanks in advance.
sounds like water etching. have you been washing in direct sunlight? if you have water etching, you'll need to use something like a claybar to remove. usually they come off after a few washes, but the most important is that you're not washing in direct sunlight.

also is likely you have really hard water where you live, which means you're more prone to etching.
Claybar with lube, magic eraser with lube and or glass cleaner of choice, isopropyl alcohol, orbital polish.

Its unlikely even all of above will fix it but should somewhat improve things.

If all else fails, glass claim and hope thw new one is installed propely.