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Windshield Replacement

I've now been waiting 8 weeks to get my windshield replaced on a Model S due to a 6 foot long "smiley face" crack. Every time I call the service center (Denver), I'm told it's on back order with no estimate of when it will come in. Tried Safelite and my local glass guy - neither of them can get a windshield either.
You can escalate the issue with Tesla by logging into your MyTesla account.
I happened to pick up my car TODAY after getting a new windshield. My local (Western Slope) auto glass dealer quoted me $2200 for it, which I thought was kinda steep. Was also concerned whether the camera (AP1) would need to be calibrated after that. I happened to be going to the SF Bay Area, so I set up an appointment at the Palo Alto SC to get it done, giving them about 2 weeks notice. I noted two things about making that appointment: 1) They said the windshield would "almost certainly" be there when I arrived (the "almost" is what caught me, not the "certainly"!), and 2) That they didn't answer my question of about how much it would cost. Said it would take a half-day.

When I arrived on Monday, Jesse said it would take TWO DAYS because it "has to cure for a day." Luckily, I was in town for three (and luckily, they had a nice Pearl White S75 to loan me!) He asked me if I was given an estimate. I said no, even though I had asked for one. He said about $1100 (note I have the heater for the wipers option -- cold weather package). I said OK -- much better than $2200!

Called Tuesday afternoon to ask when the car would be ready. "Should have it Thursday!" Um, no: I need to leave first thing Thursday morning. "The guys never know how long it will take. I'll get 'eyes on' and call you back." No call back. I call this morning: gotta have my car today. I had also asked them to uncork it, and do the second-year service, neither of which was done, but the windshield was done. "I'll get 'eyes on' and call you back." I said that if they couldn't finish it, don't bother with the annual service and button it up: I'll be there at 6:00 p.m. She DID call back and said she passed along my message.

Arrived at 5.30, and they said they hadn't washed it for me yet. It was FILTHY from the cross-country drive, so when I dropped it off I did ask them to wash it, and charge it. I was willing to wait. It came out and was clean, though not "detailed" clean. Windshield looks great. Total cost something like $956 -- certainly better than $1100! And indeed the uncorking was done (though I don't "feel" a difference -- but the S75 non-D loaner was noticeably faster than mine) and the annual service was also completed.

Bonus: took an old buddy who is in very bad shape with Parkinson's out for lunch, and he was quite interested in the car (the loaner). Gave him a few bursts of 0-40 (city streets and all!), and he audibly chuckled every time. He's only 65, and probably doesn't have many years left (LONG beyond driving himself anymore). What a pleasure to give him the opportunity to ride in The Future.

Bottom line: very satisfied.
The high replacement cost is probably reflected in a higher than average insurance premium.

After replacing mine, I had a tinter add a coat of Nanoshield to strengthen the glass. That was $100, but now I see you can order this directly from their website for $50. If it prevents the inconvenience of replacing the windshield even once, that will be money well spent. I would apply it to the glass roof too if I hadn't already coated it with a ceramic coating.
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Since my auto insurance covers glass with 0 deductible, I wonder how much they will balk at the $1000 price tag. That's 3-4 times the average windshield replacement cost.
State Farm did not bat an eye on the $1200 bill for the windshield in my Model S. The only thing "odd" I had to do was get reimbursed directly because Tesla does not take insurance payments directly.
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Escalated the issue with Tesla through MyTesla. Got a phone call and email from them within 4 hours saying they'll "look into it".

It's been a week - have heard nothing. 9 weeks in total now with a 6 foot crack in my windshield.

That has always been my experience with Tesla. You have to keep checking and checking because they will not inform you of much. Some of the most simple things they struggle with. It usually takes me getting mad and blowing up before they take things serious.
I've now been waiting 8 weeks to get my windshield replaced on a Model S due to a 6 foot long "smiley face" crack. Every time I call the service center (Denver), I'm told it's on back order with no estimate of when it will come in. Tried Safelite and my local glass guy - neither of them can get a windshield either.
I’ve been waiting since mid-Dec delivery with factory interior glass scratch in driver line of vision thankfully only bothersome when sun out in Boston (rare since delivery). First one arrived cracked. Cost high since only OEM due to special coatings/films in between glass panels. Last update 2 more weeks but that was two months ago.
On 4th April, the windshield of my Model S 70D got hit by a falling branch. Since then, Montreal service center and Tesla Freemont is apologizing for the delay with the replacement part. Still no ETA is available as of today and it could take a couple of weeks or even months before they receive a part. Not what would be expected, can be accepted and this needs improvement. The wait continues.


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May 2, 2014
I've a relevant question. If Tesla cannot procure a windshield to replace a broken one, how does the plant continue to produce thousands of Model S cars each month? This is not a flippant question; I seriously want to know.
There have been changes to the windshield over the years, so perhaps the current configuration may not work on older cars. I walked into Safelite and they were offering to replace the glass in two days for $750. I couldn't bring it in for 3 weeks, so unknown if they could have pulled it off, but they gave no indication of a delay.

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