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michelin x-ice xi3 vs nokian hakkapeliitta r3. Which one would you use for winter driving rwd?

  • michelin x-ice xi3

    Votes: 32 40.5%
  • nokian hakkapeliitta r3

    Votes: 47 59.5%

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wondering what others have done for winter wheel and tire packages.

Tesla’s wheel and tire package includes install and is $2,000 US or $2,400 CAD.

I’ve priced it out separately and it seems that’s a pretty good deal.

Anyone else gone a different route, and found a better deal ?
I bought almost new 18" Aero's from someone through the forums, and put Hakkas on. Saved a couple hundred and got the rubber I wanted. Should be easy to do with plenty of time before the snow flies again.

I’ve looked at used from this forum, but unless they are local, the shipping kind of kills the deal.

What size wheels?

Depending on how much you care about the wheels you can do a nice package from Tirerack for $1500 (18").

I really want the aero wheels though.
Thanks for the suggestion.
I bought a second set of OEM Aero wheels with TPMS from Tesla, and Michelin X-Ice tires from TireRack.

Second set of wheels so I don't have to have tires remounted twice a year - and I can do the switch myself.

Michelin X-Ice because they are excellent in snow and ice -
  • I've had them on my Audi A4 for about 8 years and have never had a problem in bad weather.
  • This winter on my Model3 we had some snow and ice - didn't have a slip (while other vehicles slipping and sliding).
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T-sportline 18" wheels with Michelin X-Ice on the P3+. We did not get too much snow and ice this year but when we did the car was like a tractor. Just a minor changes handling, not as sharp turn in as you would expect going from 20" to 18". Ride and noise was actually better with the Michelin X-Ice. The T-sportline wheels are very close in design to the optional 19 or 20" wheels most people will not notice the difference. Even at the service center the service advisor was confused how I got 18" tesla wheels in this style. I have Tesla center caps and chrome lug nut covers so they look "stock".
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Hi there, Canada calling.

Just bought a Model 3 Performance from Park Royal, Vancouver. Expected delivery is by the end of the month and I'm going to need to put some winter tires on immediately to use Highway 99 to reach my home in Whistler (it's the law between 1st October and March, not a surplus of pessimism).

Having trouble getting hold of a 19" wheel (don't want 20s and I'm still not sure 18" clearance will be good enough if we have some real snow here). McLaren Vancouver (their service department is kind of a local expert for wheel and tire weirdness) have recommended an R187 Replika as a perfect fit and easily available in Canada at a sensible price, but I wanted to check that they definitely fit on the unique Performance hub. I know it's a popular wheel on the other models of the Model 3 but some reasonably diligent searching hasn't shown any hits for the Performance.

Has anyone got any direct experience? Thanks for your time.
Also considering this for all of the same reasons. Looking forward to hearing if anyone has experience.

@RobRain Do you mind sharing what sort of pricing you are seeing?

I'm looking at a set from canadawheels.ca (not sure about this site but most feedback I've seen is positive) where they are selling 4 for $699 + 4x Michelin X-ICE XI3s for $1082
@RobRain Do you mind sharing what sort of pricing you are seeing?

I'm looking at a set from canadawheels.ca (not sure about this site but most feedback I've seen is positive) where they are selling 4 for $699 + 4x Michelin X-ICE XI3s for $1082

You're getting a better deal than me, annoyingly :) Tires are in the same ballpark, but I'm looking at $1,100 for four wheels and I paid a non-refundable deposit two days ago :(. Oh well at least I get to sit in a 720S or maybe a Pagani whilst I wait for the fitting.

They're being fitted on the 25th. Then I'm off to Protex for correction, PPF and ceramic coating, before finally heading home to Whistler on the 3rd of next month. Look out for the knucklehead laughing his head off heading briskly up highway 99 in a spangly red 3 Performance. And also for my Alltrack being trailered back (it's having its winter wheels done on the same day - a lot simpler!).

Does that work on a Model 3 Performance? The site seems to think that it does.

Replika R187 (Painted/Gunmetal) Wheels 18" x 8" 5/114.3; Offset: 35; Hub: 64.1


My tire guy (!) at McLaren tells me they're perfect and as you mention the vendors themselves list it as specifically compatible. Both have offered to take the back if not.
Good taste. ;) White interior?

Those prices are from an online site instead of local and I would still need to get them mounted and some TPMS sensors. So it might be more comparable than it seems.

Which tires did you do?

I went with the black interior. I wear jeans, I ride bikes off-road, I occasionally transport little brother and his young family (how do they fill a car with food and drink containers so quickly?) around so the white was too big a risk.

And no - your deal is still good (or mine is appalling)! I'm getting the Pirelli tires this time. I've run Contis and Michelins on previous cars and felt like completing the set this time. This is my first winter in Canada (ex-UK) so whichever tire I get (short of some Scandi-Special studded monster), the weak link is going to be the nut behind the wheel.


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This is my winter setup from Tire Rack:

19x8.5 Gloss Black Painted MSW Type 71

Required lugnuts for vehicle (black)

433MHz Tire Pressure Sensor

Optional Black Valve Sleeve and Cap

235/40R19 Vredestein Quatrac 5

Total mounted, balanced and delivered to Colorado: $1,832.01

No clearance issues, spacers or sleeves required, just bolt right up. Have them on now while my 20's get powder coated.

I see your TR's Type 71 wheel, and will raise you with my recently ordered Type 30 wheels.
Type 30's are Tesla 64.1mm hub-centric, lighter, and a little cheaper.
Looks are clearly subjective.
I ordered my set shod with 235/45R18 Michelin X-Ice Xi3.