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Wireless charging + Sentry power issues

Seem to have an issue with wireless charging and sentry.

I have the taptes charger, when using on its own it appears to be fine, when using sentry on its own is fine as well. However when using the supplied splitter if I plug the drive in and then plug the charger in, the dash cam disappears and then comes back shortly after, I put a phone on and the same happens, it is like it is fighting for power from each other.
The splitter is a data/power splitter as one side works with data the other does not.

I have tried:
SSD Drive
SD card
USB Stick

I also tried a normal iPhone cable with an SSD drive with the splitter and my iPhone doesn't show any power at all, not sure if that is normal. It sounds like my model 3 is not pushing out enough power to the USB ports, or something is wrong with the taptes charger? Or am I doing something wrong?
I have a Taptes 2 wireless charger and am using their splitter to hook up an SSD for SentryMode. I haven't experienced the exact issue you are having but when I did have some issues after I first added the Taptes, where the left USB port immediately stopped powering anything (charger, iPhone etc). A two-button steering wheel reset cleared this up and everything is behaving as expected now.

Are you having the same issue with both sets of splitters?
It was with both sets of splitters. I tried it for a while, left it, although the car did update the other day it now seems to be ok.

I don’t believe in hubs/splitters for this reason. That’s why I installed this
https://amzn.to/2XdwnSn and hid the cable under the side panel.
Is this easy to do? Do you need to run to cut holes to do this? All those that I have seen either need to cut or make a hole, which I don’t particularly want to do, but it would make charging faster I would assume.