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Wisconsin: buy a Model X, fears


Nov 30, 2017
X sales have peaked and are in decline. This was true despite steadily increase showroom traffic, the model Y release, and before Rivian and other choices have launched.

Either Tesla will move the X onto a modern platform or discontinue the car.


Sep 22, 2020
Northern Wi
EPA difference is actually 36 miles.
Slower charge, sure. It's a bigger battery that can pull harder, go longer, carry more, and drive faster.
You can fix charging faster than 16A. Good luck fixing the pulling harder, going longer , carry more or driving faster.
Even at the super charger, I actually prefer it not charge at its peak rate.
It's just that much harder on the batteries and the 5-10 minutes it saves is not worth it.

Model 3 is having plenty of issues. Ball Joints, Cracked Roof, Trunk Leaks, Ripped off under liner, Sand collecting.
It's really hard to say at this stage due to the volume difference and age difference of the fleet.
None of the Tesla's are really a good value. I had a Model 3. A Model X is better built.
Model 3/Y are "cost cutting" versions of the S/X, and it shows.

I'd also like to see battery degradation rate comparisons.

Also I use my X in snow country. The Model 3 (with snows) is a joke in comparison to the Model X.
I think it could be fixed in software with a "snow mode", but they have not as yet.
Both cars are biased toward the more efficient motor. That is in the rear for the 3/Y and the front for the S/X.
It makes a huge difference in the snow. The new customizable track mode *might* allow you to customize a reasonable (efficient) "snow" mode. Not sure. For deep snow being able to raise the vehicle does come in handy now and then.
I used to own a 2017 Jeep GC Summit. Extremely quiet (more than any Tesla) great in the snow, towing, and air suspension came in handy for the same reasons. The Model X fills all my "SUV" needs better than the Jeep did (except noise, Jeep was still quieter). The Model 3/Y no way. Long trips were mind numbing in the 3.

Since there are reliability issues with all Tesla's I sleep way better with unlimited mile warranty on the battery and motors for 8 years.
And the extended warranty to 100K miles 8 years. Which I DID purchase. That will help in resale as well.

Oh, I wish the Model X I could close the windows from the phone, like the 3/Y can.

I hope the entire lineup improves over time and not too much cost cutting. Like deleting Home Link, lack of insulation etc.
My guess is Plaid will have a new interior and it will Wow the industry and is the reason it's taking longer than planned.
It's really hard to top the Model S/X.

Great point on which is the normal drive axel in snow, +1 for X. Normally this point isn't discussed.

I never questioned X VS Y. I'm going X if anything. Y not big enough, dislike the Y Dash a alot , and that X extra 36 miles range can be huge for me and fringe use. X is more upscale, and FWD are a showoff feature no one has seen and wouldn't mind in our area.

Why is the X going to sell less than Y? Costs more . It's that simple. American like their large SUVs but X is a bit high cost and is out of range of lots. Y will be in $ range,but is smaller than what get for a gas burner for the money, so that will weight on Y but will still be very popular.

Does the X have any real electric competition? Not in the U. S. E-TRON and Ipace I guess. Both cheaper but sales way behind here is sales numbers. And Tesla's lead in efficiency is so obvious. Those use between %20 to %50 more energy per day mile, so way less than 300 miles range. Plus Audi dealer is still 2 hours away and Jag is in Minneapolis like Tesla. Plus they use Electrify America chargers which are lagging behind super charging for now. Is the Caddy Lyric going to be competition? Will see, but won't be cheap and will loose value like the X or worse. All this is good for X resale if only real competition is a redesigned X.

The Rivan SUV not an option at this point. Not for sale yet. Where get parts body parts? Where charge? WAY less efficient as need 185 kw battery to just beat range of the 100kw X. Plus new model from New company, can't risk that.

I'm afraid the Y is going to get more real competition quicker and that will hurt resale. ID4 and Mustang Mach E are first. Both cheaper and within reach of more people because of lower cost. Both have some competitive problems vs Y (ie. no AWD until end 21) but Mustang would solve some of my concerned as Ford dealer is in our small town. Think those two will put pressure on the Y more than others competing effectively at the high end with the X. Plus, X is in high end luxury class with a limited possible sales number, as less have the $$ to spend, so manufacturers are coming after the Y price point.

Tesla unique in that went high end first then moved down to high quantity, cheaper car. VS say GM who went low end with the Chevy Volt first and finally realized to sell new battery tech, easier to start high and just now says Caddy is their electric brand. Now Tesla has a 10+ year lead over them. Tesla is ahead in efficiency, batteries, Tech, and OTA updates. Not ahead in dealer support, fit and finish, initial Quality, rated reliability or spare parts distribution. Sure the legacy dealer model is a possible drag on the old companies, but the avalaibity of parts they offer everywhere is missing with Tesla's mode. Tesla need to get some of those negatives under control or it will hurt mainstreaming of the company, as non fan-boys CAN'T wait months for parts, ever. The big 3, Asians, and Europeans all have solved this decades ago, so normal people will be surprised this is a thing with Tesla and it's not going to fly. Honestly really worry about the lack of local body shops and parts and possibility of months wait if smack a deer. This along with HAVE to get car 3.5 hours to closest certified body shop is a huge problem for me right now. We don't all live in big cities or California. The Tesla model supports 3% of new cars sales. The stock market is betting on them taking over, but there are Lots of remote people in "fly over country" buying trucks and SUVs not even thinking of Tesla right now.

And this is sad, as Elon's push to electrify the transportation fleet is right and the planet needs it sooner than later. Tesla is pushing the others and w/o Tesla, we would be even farther behind, even though we are too far behind already.

And Tesla and FSD, sigh. Sounds like Smart Summon isn't even ready to drive at 2 mpg in a parking lot reliably and current Tesla disclaimer says don't use in Public Lots. Long way to go before have RoboTaxis driving around picking people without a driver, making money for the car owner. That software rewrite better be something amazing!
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