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Wonder if Model S 21 wheels will fit the Model X.

As it looks like the Model X is going with 22 inch wheels as the larger option, I was wondering if the 21 inch wheels will have the correct offset for the X. Just wondering as we wait for Tuesdayl:biggrin:

They might not be as wide as the Model X wheels but as long as the bolt pattern is the same and one can find tires to get the same overall dimensions as the standard Model X setup.
Given that the 21" tires are generally much more expensive, the 20 or 22 options seems a better choice. I just put a set of 22 on my car 22x285x35 for $1500, including balance, nitro filled, and 4-wheel alignment. My SUV's 21's are more than 2x that amount.
I'm hoping the 19's will fit as less wheel but more tire makes a much better ride and reliability on gravel/washboard/rocky roads. Also the ability to "air down" when needed in sandy terrain.

You'll want to check clearance over the brake calipers. I'm guessing they'll fit but I'm also guessing Model X will have slightly larger brakes than Model S.

You're correct though, 19" wheels would be better on rough terrain.

Also, if you drive it on the beach, please have someone take a video, that would be awesome!