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Working at the carwash

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Several people have posted that the Model 3 will lock itself even with the key card inside (valet parking thread). Does anyone have experience with their car locking while it is going through a car wash? Most of the car washes I've been in you really can't get very close to the car when it exits and if the doors are locked the attendant wouldn't be able to drive out of the way of the next car.

Granted, you can disable "walk away", if you remember to do so.

I thought of this when I remembered a friend had her car 'bumped' because the attendant didn't understand manual transmissions.
I think you are going to have more problem than just the car locking itself. The car will shift itself to Park from Neutral if you leave the car, so you will have to put it in tow mode or something. My wife used to drive her X5 to one of those car wash, but I told her about the tow mode and such on the MX, so now she just order mobile car wash at our house. She said the money we saved on gas will be used toward mobile car washes LOL.