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Working under car

Random thoughts from a non-Roaster owner.

Could you use low profile ramp stands or possibly a car hauler trailer (U-Haul rental)?
Other than that, you need to jack it up and rest it on jack stands. Or jack it up, then place suitably sturdy boards under the wheels and rest it on those...
Ive used ramps to get under the car for suspension adjustments (they need to be pretty low profile to clear the front bumper), or a jack and jack stands if you need to remove the wheels.
What's the best placement for jack stands?

There are stickers on the bottom of the frame that tell you where its safe to lift and place jack stands

I place the jack and stands near the sticker on the same structural member (jack at the 6 o'clock position, and stand at 3 o'clock, for example) and haven't had any issues. Make sure you give the car a good shake when its on the stands before you get underneath, since the majority of the vehicles weight is over the rear, it can make sitting it on stands a little tricky.