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For Sale in California Only.

Includes 1 year subscription and GPS tracking.

Register, manage and configure/customize your Tesla Digital License Plate all from an App or Web Browser. From the App, you can to manage vehicle registration and renewal, access telematics information, customize plates, and create targeted campaign messaging via an easy-to-use interface. The App creates a smarter, safer and more connected driving experience, allowing you to access valuable data in real-time.

Customize license plates
The App can transform your default Digital License Plate into customized designs and messages, including support for numerous causes/charities or sporting teams. Two menu options are available, allowing users to select between Images (Logos) and Banners (Messages). Note: additional functionality is available through a web browser.

Subscription Renewal costs $99 a year or $150 for 2 years.

Installation services offered at our local affiliates only in Redwood City, CA and West Hollywood, CA for an additional charge of $360.

Installation takes 2-3 hours.

The Tesla Digital License Plate gets hard wired to a constant 12V power source.

For more product information, visit our website!
Yeah I don’t understand the appeal of these digital plates at all. Seems like it’s just for people to want to show off that they can blow $700 plus on a license plate.
It looks cool, but so prone to theft. It's so funny how Tsportline advertises this as theft deterrent. Thieves love to steal interesting things like this.

I also hate the Tsportline logo, so plastering it over the product kills it for me. Any option with no logo?

The $99 a year few is pretty ridiculous too.
Yeah I don’t understand the appeal of these digital plates at all. Seems like it’s just for people to want to show off that they can blow $700 plus on a license plate.
I think they are great, except not for $700, and not for a huge subscription fee.

Imagine a Green EV badge showing up on your license plate, instead of ugly stickers, or handicap badging.

Also having your year automatically updated.

But certainly not for that price. I paid $22 for my HOV stickers. That can easily pay for a year of LTE use for something barely ever used.
Wow. This is laughably ridiculous.

But the idea has potential. What is manufacturers were to build in small LED screens in the bumpers of the cars, and you could electronically register your car with whichever state you're in? No more waiting at the DMV.
Interesting. May be interested once they integrate the HOV stickers and figure out a way to not require hardwired power source. Why not solar? As for price, all new gadgets start out expensive. Just a matter of time before price is lowered.
I saw this on the weekend and was wondering what it was. He had a special color plate that I never seen before and it was pretty cool. He made the plate color black to match his car and the numbers white. Usually a black plate in CA has yellow numbers.

Also, seems like this will be used in the future as a way to start tracking EV mileage so CA can tax us on how much we drive. This is probably one of the reason CA allows this type of plate as a test.
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Satin Black Model 3 with Digital License Plate