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Jun 15, 2020
It is widely known that the Tesla Model 3 and y (and possibly the rest of their models) have a total waterproof sealed battery pack and as a result, can float on water during a flood for some time. Now, since our mats create a seal and are designed to keep water out of your carpets, is it possible that it can create a seal that keeps water from coming undeath your floors and will allow you to turn your Tesla into a miniature yacht? Of course, the primary function and demand for our Tesla Shield mats are to keep your vehicle pristine clean, like brand new, by protecting and shielding your Tesla from tracking in mud, grime, dirt and even seaweed! But, is our product so functional that it can actually turn your Tesla into an amphibious vehicle?? Naturally, this notion of taking the functionality of our product to such an absurd level just to make our point, is a nice, idealic thought, however, it probably is not physically possible, so I wouldn’t risk my prized possession by trying this at home. But, if anyone who has purchased our mats has dared to take their model 3 or y for a quick sailing trip, let us know how that worked out.

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