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Would you buy an Apple Car?

Would you consider this?

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Oct 30, 2020
Portland, OR
Absolutely. I’m guessing the battery life would be on par with a Tesla, but maybe it won’t accelerate as fast at the same price point. But I’m sure it’ll have other cool features even if it’s slower.

Apple entering the market would definitely force Tesla to become a better company overall and not just focused on the tech. Responsive customer service and same-day mobile tech appointments? I’d take a little less acceleration for that maybe.


Jan 15, 2015
Lincoln, CA
Exactly 6 years ago, when I order my first Tesla, a Model S P85D, on Christmas Day, as an Apple consultant, I was so torn whether I should wait for the Apple iCar (name the rumor sites used) or the Model X. I am glad I leased, so I could wait to see what happened. The Apple Car didn't happen, I disliked the Falcon Wing Doors on the Model X, The Model 3 was not a hatchback, so, I ended my lease 13 months early to buy the wonderful Model S 90D that I have now driven over 100,000. The safety, performance and the infrastructure provoke me to stay with Tesla, in spite of, fit/finish issues, mediocre customer service and communications.
The only upside, Jonny Ive is no longer designing things at Apple. His extreme minimalist, form over function approach would likely have rounded corner rectangle tires, and would not have doors for passenger entry, because they ruin the design.
IMHO, I think cars are too complex in production for Apple to pursue a car. If they became competitive to Tesla, I would check them out.
The car market for self driving electrics will increase, but, car sales in general will decline over the coming decades as people embrace ride and car sharing.


May 11, 2020
Spokane, WA
One of the things to remember, a reason people often compare Tesla to Apple is the vertical integration. When Apple got into the world of cell phones, the reason they made their own cell phone rather than just creating an OS for someone else was, in part, because they couldn't get any of the hardware companies to adjust their products to accommodate things Apple wanted to incorporate into their UI, so Apple jsut went through and made their own phone top to bottom. I suspect, IF they are getting into the world of EVs, its a similar situation, where what they want to do, and what they could do with existing OEMs isn't compatible, so, like Tesla, they're setting out to do something top to bottom on their own. So no matter what it is they end up coming out with, it likely will be something interesting and carving some kind of piece into the auto segment that is maybe missing now.

But if they just come out with something pretty that has a nice range, I'd probably consider that too.


Jun 13, 2017
Snohomish WA
I would not because I feel restricted by Apple's designs / supported use cases. Back when I had an iPhone and iPad, I had to jail break them to be able to do the types of things I wanted to do. I envision an Apple care would excel at use cases that Apple blesses but if you wanted to do anything else (drive off road, charge differently, re-sell, who knows what), it would be limited.


Aug 13, 2019
Only if it is the only vehicle on the market I would consider Apple. I am an anti-Apple person, never owned anything Apple. I hate their design and how closed their "ecosystem" is. This distaste of Apple started for me in 80th and I don't believe any iFrikingCar can change that in the future. But that's me. Sure there will be plenty Apple followers for ANY Apple product. This following of Apple indeed resembles the following of Tesla. The difference is that, for me, I find a lot more functionality and value in Tesla than I ever could see in Apple.


Oct 7, 2017
I just don’t see apple making multiple models to address different market segments, and most likely the one model won’t suit my needs.

so would I “consider” it? Sure... but unlikely I would choose it over Tesla or other auto makers
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Must be a PC guy. My condolences to you.

Being someone who is locked in to their ecosystem doesn't the idea of an Apple car worry you a bit? What if it turns out like Apple Maps, or the butterfly keyboard? V1 Apple products tend to have... issues.

Have you managed to avoid any of the recalls? My wife had a lot of battery problems with her iPhones over the years, as well as general problems with them getting too hot to touch and stuff like that. The support experience was extremely poor, basically denial until eventually they acknowledged it and did a repair programme. Had to fight them to refund the service fees they had already charged us though.
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