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Would you loan out your Tesla to make money?

Would you loan out your Tesla to make money?

  • Yes

    Votes: 19 14.5%
  • No

    Votes: 72 55.0%
  • Sometimes, depends

    Votes: 40 30.5%

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Active Member
Oct 27, 2014
Westlake, TX
Not long ago, i refused to stream movies, and would drive to the blockbuster down the road to get the dvd, drive back, load into the dvd player. Now i just check netflix, hulu, sling, etc...

We shared dvds, we can share cars.


Active Member
Apr 2, 2016
No way! I don't even let passengers eat or drink (other than water) in my 15 year-old car. When I get my Model 3, I'm not about to rent it out to strangers to use unsupervised. If I ever get to the point where I need to generate revenue in order to be able keep and maintain a car, I'd just as soon sell it and move closer to town or to a community where I can walk to stores/services or use public transit.


2014 S P85 | 2020 3 P19"
Jun 27, 2013
Kansas City, MO
A big fat massive NO!

However, maybe it could be a thing for people who don't care about their cars and just want cheap transport.


Driving My Model 3
Dec 1, 2015
Dallas, TX
I might loan it out to make money, but mostly I would instead use it to reduce my household's vehicle needs to just one car. I'm in a fortunate situation where my wife and I don't have the same commute times and it would already be possible for one car to be used by both of us 99% of the time if somehow there was the ability for cars to drive themselves ;)

Honestly, not having a second car is a pretty big money maker (saver) by itself and anything on top of that is just even more of a reduced cost.
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Nov 16, 2015
No. Like I said in another thread:

I see no reason to trust complete strangers not to trash my car. One only needs to walk around in any public place (or be in public transport for that matter) and see how it's littered / vandalized / etc


Beyond Driven
Nov 10, 2014
The Americas
If I had a spare Tesla, maybe, and probably not even then.

Further, until the insurance industry gets on board, this could be a problematic endeavor - at least in California, ironically enough


In 1976 Looking ahead to 2030!
The concept of renting out one's Tesla to strangers is part of the "sharing economy".

Isn't that more of a Millennial thing? I guess if there is a method to validate the responsibility of the "driver" (e.g. criminal, eviction, credit and driving history), some people will go for this. Even then, person 'A' could rent the Tesla and then let crazy person 'B' drive it at 155 mph at 3 am on an empty highway. At least the owner could track it on the app and call the police!

On second thought, Tesla will probably add a "Loaner" mode to limit the top speed, and hide personal info -- kind of like the "Valet" mode we have today.

Personally, I wouldn't rent out my X under any circumstances. I haven't even let my own 21 y/o son drive it yet.

Nor would I ever list my house on AirBnB. I could see leasing my house with a ~$25K deposit after I ran the usual criminal, eviction, and credit reports, etc., but only if we were to take some back-to-back World cruises or whatever, but that's about it...


Jan 8, 2015
Shawnee, KS
Tesla owner living in an apartment:
"Here boy! Now go fetch yourself a nice charge. I'll see you in the morning."

Hopefully it's some kind of tesla account that keeps track of the passengers and asks them for a brief description of the car's condition. If all the sudden you get, "strange sticky substance," you'll have a name for the previous rider.

That said, I think I'll pass.


Mar 29, 2016
ON, Canada
I decided that when I got my MX, which I've now had for 13 days, that no one would drive my car until after my father got to drive it first. (He's a nay sayer when it comes the EV's and the green movement as per the government giving out tax breaks).

The first day, after he was the worst "backseat driver," I opted not to let him drive it. Two days later, after a long discussion, we decided it was best for him to drive it in a parking lot first! :p

I changed my mind a few hours later. So the rule still stands... No one drives it until my dad does... And he hasn't yet. He's still mesmerized over the "giant iPad" :) as a passenger occasionally.

However, 1 of the 2 reserved model 3's as seen in my signature, is for him. The second one is for my mom. I will convert them away from the Toyota Camry and into Tesla - you watch and see!! :D:):p:cool:
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We Are Cognitive Dissidents
Mar 19, 2014
Houston TX
Hello: Passengers are gonna be Rated. Not sure if any of you have been Uber riders or bought on Ebay. Ratings count.
Lower rated riders (higher risk) will have to wait longer for a car in a better-insured fleet. Immaculate rating will get you into any car that's for hire.


"Boring bonehead questions are not cool. Next?"
Sep 22, 2015
Omaha, NE
Purchase Price: $42,000 with 5 year loan @ 2% interest = $736/month payments

If your car worked for you 14 hours a week at $12/hour it is making your payments. If it works 20 hours you make an extra $3,744/year to help cover your insurance, tax, maintenance, electricity etc. At two years you would have about $3,500 in equity based on the car being worth $30,000. Now at 5 years with car working the past 3 for you making payments you might have $15,000 in equity.

I personally would drive and enjoy the car for first 2 years and then buy a new one. I would then use the original to work for itself and do the same after another two years. What am I missing here? I get a new car and the new tech that goes with it and do not get hit with the huge depreciation.
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Jul 9, 2014
I answered Yes. But that is based on owning two cars I love to drive for very different reasons.

With my wife's Tesla and my Smart ED in our garage, and a new young driver learning to drive on my Smart ED, it does give me the feeling of what it's like to have someone else drive your car.

Once the Model 3 comes out, we'll likely keep the Tesla S due to it's large size for road trips, and the Model 3 would be my commuting car.

But with two Tesla's in the garage, I would still struggle with the decision of what car to commute in on any daily basis, as I love the way the Smart ED drives on the narrow city streets I commute on.

If a choice is to drive share a loaded ludicrous Model 3 and keep my Smart ED for the days when the 3 is unavailable, that would work great for me.

If no sharing is available, I'd reluctantly sell the Smart, even though I am attached to it like no car I've ever owned.


is a Planet
Nov 17, 2015
Stockton, CA
Hello: Passengers are gonna be Rated. Not sure if any of you have been Uber riders or bought on Ebay. Ratings count.
Lower rated riders (higher risk) will have to wait longer for a car in a better-insured fleet. Immaculate rating will get you into any car that's for hire.
Basically better behavior will grant you rides in more expensive cars. If you cause some sort of harm to a car, then you may end up riding in crappy, smelly cars all the time as a result. So good behavior would be incentivized.

Two problems with this:
  • How are bad passengers even rated/reviewed? Your car will be doing the work, it's not like you're gonna do spot-checks to make ridership ratings. I'd guess there'll be a camera to monitor passengers, which may feel like an invasion of privacy but not when you consider that any form of taxi already has this same so-called "invasion" of privacy (the driver). In addition, higher rated passengers could opt to travel in cars without cameras for a premium benefit.
  • Where do the sucky cars come from that punish bad riders? These are autonomous vehicles after all, which do not yet exist and will be sold as new cars (aka nice cars) when they do finally come out. There will be no sucky cars unless one of two things happen... One possibility is that some cars seriously degrade in quality or the owners just don't care if they're harmed as part of making money (especially if it's not a personal car). Another possibility is that used/cheap vehicles will be upgraded/retrofitted with autonomous technology and then used in a autonomous fleet (doubtful considering the install time would make this costly).
I agree that passenger ratings will be a thing, but I don't think it'll really limit your options in which cars you'll ride in. I bet it'll just vary the number of passengers you'll ride with, with more passengers being a substandard service that will cause you to be monitored by other people as well and limit your utility of the car you're riding in. This will change the rider experience from taxi to public transportation. It also lets car owners choose whether they wish to make more money (maximize the number of passengers, increase the ride time for passengers) or restrict the car to the best riders.

Unfortunately this approach means passengers will be severely punished for any wrong thing, and I imagine there'd be little this system could do to find proof for riders to redeem themselves. The biggest factor to balance this harshness would be for the autonomous fleet system to suppress/downplay the ratings for car owners that are negatively "trigger-happy". However I think this is the right incentive to pay car owners more at the expense of bad passengers. And I think a fixed price for passengers is necessary to ensure people don't try cheating the system (as we know from local charging at superchargers, people care vastly more about their money than their time).

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