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WoW ! Tesla Model S Plaid Hit Record-Setting 216 MPH

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Watch Tesla Model S Plaid Hit Record-Setting 216 MPH​

The Plaid was modified by Canadian tuners Ingenext.​

Model S Plaid Blue

Jul 01, 2022 at 8:48am ET
By: Ben O'Hare

A Tesla Model S Plaid reached 216 mph at a Canadian airfield earlier this week. The Plaid was modified by Ingenext, an EV tuning company based in Trois-Rivières, Canada. Ingenext removed the Plaid's software limiter to see its true top speed potential and they were not let down.

Although Tesla's website claims the Model S Plaid has a 200 mph top speed, that is not achievable with current software limitations. For now, the stock Model S Plaid has a 175 mph max speed. When it first launched last year the Plaid's top speed was capped at 163 mph. However, it was increased by 12 mph in a January software update that also saw the addition of a Track Mode.
Model S Plaid hitting 216 MPH 😳 pic.twitter.com/50FUGcmaFM
— Jeremy Judkins (@jeremyjudkins_) June 30, 2022
That said, Ingenext's Plaid comfortably reached 200 mph before eventually topping out at 216 mph. Such speeds are typically achieved by supercars, not 2-ton sedans. For example, the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ also has a top speed of 216 mph. Meanwhile, the McLaren P1 (one of the most iconic hypercars of the 2010s) has a 217 mph max speed.
Ingenext used a 1.8-mile runway at Trois-Rivières airport to achieve the feat. As well as removing the limiter, Ingenext equipped its Plaid with Mountainpass Performance brakes and Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. Besides those adjustments, the Plaid was entirely stock. The person behind the wheel was actually Ingenext's CEO, Guillaume André.

This is not the first time an electric sedan has reached well over 200 mph. Way back in 2017, a prototype Lucid Air reached 235 mph. Although the production Air Grand Touring has a top speed of 168 mph, it would be interesting to see Ingenext remove its limiter and do a similar test to see if it can better the Plaid.
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I would be interested in purchasing a Ingenext (a EV tuning company based in Trois-Rivières, Canada) Plaid's software limiter program.

It would be the ultimate to run at the Bonneville Salt Flats for a "World Land Speed Record" in the Production Electric Car Class !!

Be Great to get into the Bonneville 200 MPH Club with a TESLA ---
All records set at Bonneville are by a qualifing run (over exisiting record), and the next morning making a return run, these two speeds are averaged for the record. All speeds used in the averaging method must be over the SAME relative mile.
All records set at Bonneville are by a qualifing run (over exisiting record), and the next morning making a return run, these two speeds are averaged for the record. All speeds used in the averaging method must be over the SAME relative mile.
Hey ThomasD:

I have run and set records at Bonneville in the 1980's, but just curious about any New Bonneville "Production Electric Car Classes" that would pertain to the Current Production performance cars ?
It is Wide Open for the EV's to compete for World Land Speed Records. --
It appears that electric vehicles can run for speed records. I haven't been there since 97. It is hot this time of year I would think they would have to modify the cooling system on the car to keep the batteries from over heating while racing.

Thanks for the link, I didn't realize that it was Rick Vesco with (Team Vesco) that set the

World's Fastest Electric Vehicle Bonneville Salt Flats 2021​

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The Plaid didn't "top out". They just ran out of room and had to slow instead of running off the runway. There is a big difference. The video clearly shows this.

To me this run was incomplete.

Hello DelPhonic1,​

This Report Link video came from (Ben O'Hare) with "INSIDEEVS".

To further add, I'm in full agreement ( "To me this run was incomplete" ) and would look forward to seeing the Tesla Plaid "Top Out" on the flying mile at the "Bonneville Salt Flats" to set a New Tesla Plaid World Land Speed Record.

Electric Land Speed Racing - Speed Week 2021 : EV SHOW​

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The Engineering Behind The World's Fastest Electric Vehicle.

Two Tesla powertrains installed in a car built over 60 years ago just went faster than any other electric vehicle. EV racing is starting to get really interesting.
The Vesco family are legends in land speed racing - it's cool to see that still running and setting records.

Aerodynamic drag is quadratic (squared), not exponential. There is 4x as much drag when going 2x as fast. Power needed to overcome aerodynamic drag is cubic. You need 8x as much power to go 2x as fast.

If you're having trouble wrapping your head around the concept of putting 2 or more electric motors or any kind of motors together and getting them to work together and not against each other, just think about how the cylinders in a multi cylinder engine work together, there may be a slight mismatch in power between the cylinders and some percentage of "fighting". The average is a increase in power.

the badass part: this car started the record run on it's own with a 2:1 direct drive. nothing else but an EV can achieve that, the load must be insane.
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impressive to say the least - most especially as there is no gearbox (gives Mate Rimac something to aim at too)

brave - as the cars aerodynamics are unknown at those speeds - but if they could record the suspension data this would be valuable info

I wonder what the motors' rpm are at that speed, and how much safety margin there is in the pre-tensioned wrap to stop the motors doing a rud
(which given there is no clutch in the drivetrain could be very unwelcome)


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