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Wow...Tesla service really is that bad....

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I hope Tesla reads these posts
It's actually really interesting how much this has changed. Back in the early Model S days, Tesla actively had people lurking here and matching usernames to vehicles. If you mentioned on here something wasn't quite right with your car, you'd soon be getting a call from Tesla to fix it.

That's not sustainable, clearly, but now there are even systemic, long-standing issues that never get addressed.
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When I picked up my new MY, documented various delivery issues. I even had the salesman sign a document that they would agree to fix them and provide a loaner. Booked the service visit and it was one month out. I made a video on my phone of all the issues, then had the sales manager smile at the video, state his name and agree that everything would be fixed at no expense to myself.

Dropped my car off yesterday at the service center. Three employees say behind their desks, did not even look up to assist me which was not a good start...

They then tried to play the game where they are not sure if everything would be covered. I then showed them the signed letter from the sales manager, they called over to the sales center, than agreed to cover it. They even suggested the headliner grease stains should be my responsibility to have cleaned.

Of course no loaner was available, then I can tell my car has sat in their lot and they have not yet touched it for service. Then I get a text they are backed up, yada yada yada.

Service rep calls me this morning, they fixed basically 1 of the 9 issues, need to order parts, parts on back order yada yada yada.

Tried every way in the book to get out of the panel gaps telling me they are within tolerance.

Needless to say, the service has lived up to what I have read. I had a Model X on order for my wife that we just cancelled. We can not have two cars that rely on the same horrible service process.

On a side note, I described this whole ordeal to my brother who is a class action attorney and he said Tesla is basically putting a class action lawsuit on a silver platter and waiting for an attorney like him to grab it and go after them. He was also going to get a Tesla and is now thinking about the Ford Mach since he assumes that Ford will deliver a car in perfect condition and have a reasonable service process.
F.O.R.D. ... "Fix Or Repair Daily"... although not as bad as F.I.A.T.... "Fix It Again Tony"
WOW, the Tesla fan boys come right after you...

Lets not use for as an example. Lets use my old 80K+ X5 as an example. No panel games, loaners given, real estimates of completion.

The Tesla fan boys who continue to defend Tesla at any cost are not going to do them much good in the long run...Eventually other products will be on the market with better quality control. Before I purchase the MY, I was seriously considering the Audi Etron but liked the Tesla technology better and their establishment as the main play in the electric car world.

If these are not Tesla fan boys who come to the defense of Tesla left and right, there are some great pro Tesla bots out there ! I expect many more fan boys to come to their defense after this post.
Even Monroe criticized the production quality out of Freemont. He predicts the Texas plant will have much better line workers and producing better assembled cars. He predicts buyers like us will request Texas-built cars.
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I can't wait for the lawyer brother to launch the class action lawsuit. :rolleyes:

Tesla released their numbers this morning--record deliveries at ~140k as expected so trolls will be stepping up their FUD and forums will be flooded with more garbage. People love SUVs and Model Y is expected to be their highest volume seller so trolls need to bash, bash, and BASH.
  • "Tesla is still going to go bankrupt any minute now" ==> This one is dead
  • "No demand. No moat. The competition will crush them." ==> This one is nearly dead, competition has been relatively weak so far
  • "Service issues!" <== We are here
I documented 11 issues with pictures and descriptions. Got an appointment and was told the car would be ready 3 workdays later. They gave me a loaner. On the final day I got a call saying they had not worked on the car and I will have to wait another 4 days. So, yeah Telsa makes lots of cars but their quality control sucks. I guess it's a choice: fix the issue at the plant or fix them at the service center while disappointing their customers. This is my second Tesla because it's the only serious game in town, for now. Looking forward to alternatives but I won't hold my breath.
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My interaction with the service center has been very good so far.

but I don’t like this “text only” form of communication. I’d prefer a dedicated phone number to the service center (where people actually answer phones).
I agree with you and I mentioned this to the sc guys and they also agreed. Unfortunately Tesla is forcing them to go through texts.
Would you all do this again? I want to buy a Tesla but these horror stories are making me want to run in the opposite direction.
If you want an electric car that you can use for traveling, not just for commuting, Tesla is the only game in town. I traded my M3 for a MY and I am still waiting for the 11 issues I documented to be corrected (I'm supposed to pick the car this evening finger crossed). It's very disappointing considering I had zero issues with the M3.
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Makes you wonder how China and or Germany will handle end of quarter "requests" to push out product?

Germany might say "sorry, no cars with imperfections will go to customers".
China would probably build an additional factory overnight to accommodate.

Don't know what Germany will do if there's any problem.
Pretty sure, as they're wont to do, China will arrest anybody who dares complain of issues.
Really, that's all I feel like most customers are asking - just try to communicate effectively and honestly. Right now, Tesla's cars are so far ahead of the competition that most customers just put up with it, but the rest of the vehicle manufacturers are going to catch up eventually.

Would you all do this again? I want to buy a Tesla but these horror stories are making me want to run in the opposite direction.
Buy it from a 3rd party....Tesla is incapable of giving you the experience of transitioning to EVs that they used to.