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Wrap Ideas

Hi all, I will be getting a white MY LR w the Induction wheels and white interior in the very near future. As of now I am thinking of getting it wrapped with PPF, possibly satin. I was curious to see other people's MYs and anything unique you've done to them, such as satin PPF or other fun wrap/paint color ideas. Also feel free to note how your experience with PPF/vinyl wrap has been, positive or negative.
I used PPF for the first time on my Y and have not been impressed. Maybe I've been hit by some particularly sharp rocks but I have a few nicks on my hood that went through the PPF. I didn't cheap out either and used a high end product from a recommended installer. As a result, I don't think I will pay for it again on future cars.
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Hi all! I’m new to the forum. Thrilled to be here. Placed my order for the y performance, but won’t have it for another 6-10 weeks. In the meantime, in an effort to avoid little scratches from rocks, etc., I’ve been looking into potentially wrapping the front bumper, hood, front fenders and both mirrors. Any feedback / opinion is appreciated. Also, I’m in SoCal (Irvine) so also interested on where the best shops are. Thanks in advance!
Our White MY is wrapped in Suntek see below. I understand PPF and wraps are two different things. PPF is a actual protection film that goes over the color of the car where it does not change the color. It's designed to well, protect the paint. Very hard to remove unless you have proper tools where as a wrap is more of a vinyl, not really used as a protectant. Our MX is PPF and been that way since 2018. We've had a side door piece replaced because of a small ding and the front hood replaced due to some blemishes that were showing. Short of that, PPF has been a good investment. I detail the car with kid gloves however there are a few minor scratches you can see at just the right light. I'm aware that the PPF is designed to heal in the sun and I'm thinking of using hair dryer but they are very small and only seen with just the right sunlight. The wrap is on our MY and was completed by the previous owner. The stelth is not my pick but it's growning on me. Really looks nice in the evening time when the sun hits it just right. I'm aware of some threads here that talk about putting a wrap over PPF and I guess you can do that but why? Hope this helps.
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