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WTB - 2010 Roadster

Hello Tesla Forums!
I am in the market for a 2010 Roadster. I'm looking for;

-Fusion Red or Black
-Black Interior
-Hardtop -Ideally the bare carbon but color match is also OK.

Would pay extra for any of the carbon options (interior or exterior).

Location doesn't really matter as I am willing to have the car shipped.

If anyone is thinking of selling or sees a similar car for sale I would love the tip.

Thanks for reading.
There may be some homologation issues - meaning you might need to look for a Roadster originally sold in Canada. @Doug_G should be able to confirm.

According to Transport Canada, any of the 2010 roadsters are available for import. Details here; http://www.tc.gc.ca/media/documents/motorvehiclesafety/VAFUS.pdf

Vin does need to be between 501 and 1420 but otherwise it should be OK.

That is a good point though, if the car is already in Canada I would consider a 2008 for sure!
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There may be some homologation issues - meaning you might need to look for a Roadster originally sold in Canada. @Doug_G should be able to confirm.

Bonnie is correct. You can't import a Roadster from the USA without significant help from Tesla. The real show-stopper is the keyfob, which has a security feature required by Canadian regulations, and which is not used on the American cars. You are unlikely to get that assistance, unfortunately, as Tesla service centers are extremely busy and the parts are in short supply.

There are only about 50 Roadsters in Canada. (Probably less as some have been sold into the USA, which is much easier than going the other way, and there has been the occasional crash.)
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Thanks Doug! Then why the verbiage in the import guide?
In the Admissible section - "Roadster models built from May 4, 2009 to August 31, 2011 inclusively with last four digit VIN range starting #0501 (build week 5/4/2009) extending through #1420 (build week 8/29/2011) "

The Model S and Model X are listed in the InAdmissible section for the reasons you highlighted plus other modifications.
You didn't read the fine print:
Note-1: Please contact the manufacturer prior to importation to determine the exact nature and cost of modifications required. Possible modifications may include: daytime running lamps configuration, electronic immobilization system [EIS], metric odometer and speedometer configuration.

So, basically, you can import it IF Tesla agrees to help you. They've only very rarely done it. The only case I am actually aware of was for an existing customer who totaled their Roadster.
Interesting. I just called Transport Canada and they seemed to indicate that it was possible and could tell me for sure if I provided them an actual VIN. I should call back with a VIN from one of the listed cars and see if I run into that roadblock. It sounds like you speak from 1st hand experience.