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Here's a recent XKCD. I guess Randall Munroe, the strip's author, doesn't yet own a Model 3 -- but maybe he's planning to buy one soon....

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The graph clearly shows that he just bought a Model 3!
Regarding the dog leash, IMHO he's planning on a virtual dog as soon as he can convince his wife.
And, finally, I'm suspicious he's about to switch between Android and iPhone base on the toilet paper remark.
3,2,1 ...

I admit to being stumped though why he thinks that a phone as a dog leash is just around the corner.

I totally understood that one.

Its a bit lame, but I can explain it. People didn't understand how TV/Phone/Newspaper/Car Key could be done with a PHONE, but now, in retrospect it is clear. It can't be understood IN THE PAST, but you have to wait for the FUTURE and then you will see clearly.

It would be more funny if he had listed some things we expect to see in the future before going to the Dog Leash.