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melody hahm on Twitter:

After a pretty thrilling day at Tesla Motors, I’m lusting for a Model S, but can’t wait until the Model 3 finally hits the road in 2018

<<-- says everyone who drives a Tesla buy can't afford one right now!

To my disbelief, I am allowed to drive this car. Did I mention it costs $138,000? I’m a little nervous, but once I hit the accelerator, there’s no looking back. Nicholas and I go for a ride around Short Hills, weaving through local roads, and it’s quickly apparent that this is the most intuitive and reflexive car I’ve ever driven. It responds to every slight rotation of the wheel, and I’m not surprised when Nicholas tells me that 90% of Tesla drivers say they’d never buy another vehicle.

A defining part of the test drive is the moment I put the pedal to the metal (per Nicholas’s suggestion). In the blink of an eye, I’m at 60 miles per hour without any jolting or thrusting. I can see how speed junkies could get greedy with the accelerator. Even as I turn a sharp corner, the car glides across the surface seamlessly, without being abrupt or awkward.
When we pull back into the parking lot after about 20 minutes, a trickle of mall-goers come by to check the car out, even snapping a few selfies with it.

It still feels like a dream to walk up to our Tesla, like we did today after going to the afternoon matinee to see "Shaun the Sheep" movie with our youngest.