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Yay for Random Questions!!

Hello All,

I had only obliquely heard of Tesla before reading the fantastic blog post at Wait But Why about Tesla. It opened my eyes to this amazing car! I am going to order a Model S, sometime within the next few months (as soon as my wife finally warms to the idea of such an expense). I have been pouring over this forum and Google stories about the car for a few weeks now and still have a few questions. I appreciate your patience with this noob and answering any and all of these questions as best you can. Thanks!

Oh, and some context: I can afford the Tesla, but am a practical guy who doesn't want to spend thousands of extra $$ if there aren't huge benefits. I'm not a big car guy necessarily, am comfortable having old cars. I've never had a luxury vehicle, particularly because I have 80 employees I don't want to be too flashy around - however I think the Tesla is different in the sense of its purpose and niche. I drive A LOT - I hate flying, so I go to Atlanta frequently from Texas and drive all over Texas. I have 3 small kiddos and do haul them around from time to time. The only things I'm certain about is that I want to get it loaded with the stuff that is worth it and I do want the 90. Don't know if this context will help any but thought I might pre-empt any questions.

My questions:

1) Gut reaction from you: P or Just S on the 90? If I do settle on the S90, is the acceleration still amazing for folks like me who have driven standard ICE cars our whole lives? Would love to wow my friends.

2) Does the car remind me of the 12,500 mile needed service? I have a terrible memory.

3) Does the car sync up with Apple calendars?

4) How the heck do you know when Tesla makes a change to the S? This is what I struggle mightily with, the right time to order. So for example when they included the heated steering wheel, did they announce that or did people just discover the change? Is there a "change thread" of some sort on here documenting what changes/updates they make besides the major ones?

5) Does SC stand for Service Center or Super Charger on this forum?!? I keep using my context clues but have not determined if it's interchangeable or what.

6) Should I be concerned that I live about 5.5 hours from Dallas and the same from Denver, in terms of service?

7) Here in Amarillo, TX we have very hot summers and very cold winters with a good amount of snow. Does the Tesla do well in extreme weather? Any tips?

8) Speaking of those hot summers, has anybody discovered if Tesla is going to pipe some A/C back to the jump seats? Is it really that bad back there, or is there anything I can do to mitigate the heat?

Thanks so much and I'm sorry to be the annoying new poster! Even if you just link to other threads on some of your answers that would be great, I'm trying not to be too lazy.
1. You'll wow your friends with either one. Get the one you want
2. No
3. Yes, I believe so, you need to download the Tesla app and loginto your MyTesla account
4. You don't. They keep improving it. Musk said something like that make 20 engineering changes a day (or week?)
5. Both. Sometimes people use SpC for superchargers, sometimes they don't
8. There are kludge DIY methods. My kids will not sit there if it's above 85F. I do have heat reducing tints and the Tesla sunshade. They love it otherwise, but if it's hot, nope, not going to happen.
1. S90 will blow you away. P90 will blow your mind. S is more than enough unless you just want your mind blown.
2. Service is not required to maintain warranty. Only required if you lease or if you purchase extended warranty.
3. Yes
4. No method to the madness of changes. They just released the 90 battery pack so I think you're good if you order now.
5. I think people put SpC for Supercharger. I just read the context of the post and figure it out.
6. Not sure if you should be concerned. But I bet it will be an issue at some point. Good news is the car rarely needs service and if it does it's usually nit picky things that can wait. I had about a half dozen little items that needed to be addressed and just waiting until i felt there was enough to drop it off.
7. Car is fine in hot weather. I live in FL. Even with the Pano roof. Biggest issue with cold weather is a drop in range from what I have read.
8. From what I've read. It's hot back there and there are no "good" provisions for air flow. Most seem to get the sun shade and use hand held fans.

My favorite options: Everything listed in my signature. I wouldn't have changed a thing.
Some answers...

1) all EVs have great acceleration. The Tesla Model S versions get faster as you go "up" the model #s


3)Yes if you Bluetooth connect your iPhone (it only connects to one device at a time)

4) this forum, the news, etc. They're "always" improving. The car itself will tell you when it has the latest firmware to update.

5) both. In context. I try to be consistent in my writing within each specific subject, but it is interchangeable. (Rarely used for a Sales Center, the last SC)

6) I will let other Texas owners answer Texas geographic questions.

7) for heat, I'll let the Arizona or UAE owners answer. For cold, Canadians and Norweigans should be good to answer. For cold, look for Bjorn Nykand's YouTube videos... I'm blessed with living close to the Hawthorne Design Center, so, weather not really an issue here.

8) that would be cool. But I don't know the answer to that.

if you want to be entertained, take a gander and read my trip cross-country in May

On this thread. Here, There, and EVerywhere... Posting our trip SoCal to East Coast and back...

Or my first post Here, There, and EVerywhere Day 01 | My ActiveE made me Accidentally Environmental

Lots of folks can help around here. You've found the right place.
The only thing I'd add is that I'd hold off until the Model X design studio is launched at least, if not until people start taking deliveries. If anything it'll give you a window into what, if any, improvements may be coming to the Model S in the not so distant future that might be important to you.

Welcome to the forum!

1. Nobody *needs* the P for city/highway ("normal") driving. That said, some of us buy the P for the fun aspect and/or for track events.
2. No, and it's kind of a blessing. Other cars I've had have an annoying notification (or multiple of them) that pops every time you start driving.
3. Yes.
4. I suspect you have a computer (or maybe you're just using a kiosk at a library or something...). Anyway, how do you decide when to buy a computer? They often feel instantaneously obsolete at purchase time. It's similar with Tesla vehicles. That said, even the oldest, slowest, shortest range Tesla vehicle you can find is a pleasure to drive. The sooner you can get one of your own the better.
5. Both. Some folks uses "SuC" and "SvC" to distinguish though most of us don't.
6. Can't speak to this one. I'm lucky enough to be within a few miles of my service center.
7. Tips: Get winter tires if you're in "real winter" conditions often. If not, all seasons work fairly well.
8. There are some folks on this forum that have tried out creative solutions to this issue; some with good results.

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