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YAY! I finally made it to 1,000 posts!

I have been obsessed about cars since I was a kid. The only person in my family. They all think I'm crazy. I used to be able to quote every engine displacement, HP rating and ft lb for every car sold in the US when I was young in the sixties and seventies. I could even tell every American make, at night, based on their headlights, from a distance. Is that obsessed? Yup. Too old to do any of that now and I'm only 57. But still too old.

I have now finally reached an income and worth point where I could actually drop 135K on a car and I chose the MS to do it. It has been a dream of mine to own the "ultimate car", in my opinion, and now I do. So I am thrilled beyond belief.

It really is like being 18 again and I love it. All my friends think I am a freak. But they are also insanely jealous.


Oh, and she's lovely.

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Congrats on 1000! I feel like we're lost brothers; I can recognize any car from just it's headlights and people think I'm crazy! Haha!!

My other half tells me that. I'm the car buff and get asked what car this or that is if I don't yell it out. But I pale in comparison to you two. My obsession doesn't run nearly as deep. Well, until the MS. I never thought I would be in a position in life to own such a car! My "big deal" in the family is that I now own an American car. Our family had sworn off of them years ago after problems will multiple cars which culminated in a very bad experience with a Buick. But I remember being a teenager and taking my uncle's Camaro out and loving it. I dreamt that some day I would have a worthy car and now I do!