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Yearly 400 Kw supercharging credit renewal?

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I purchased my S about a year ago, in October 2018. At the time they were running a promotion where every year you get 400 Kw of free supercharging. I also used someone's referral code, and got six months of free supercharging after taking delivery.
So I wonder when I will get another 400 Kw of free supercharging? Will it be in November on my delivery date anniversary, or six months after that, in may of 2020? Does the six month referral reward and the period for the 400 Kw overlap?
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My mom purchased her M3 around the same time they were running this promotion for her. The promo wording was very confusing, we thought she got an annual credit and the first 6 months of supercharging. Recently she was wondering why she was getting a balance for supercharging because she thought she had a credit balance so she contacted them and what they told her essentially was they gave her the free 6 months of supercharging and the other credits expired after 1 year. So pretty much nothing carried over with the referral she used. Since the referral at that time got changed and super confusing they ended up duping you guys out of your credits in exchange for the first 6 months of supercharging it appears.