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Yellow Border on the Small Screen...


Mar 23, 2019
My apologies if it was covered already, I couldn't find any references.
I have noticed recently that the smaller screen, where the speedometer is, also developed the yellow border. It is much harder to see, because most of the time the screen is in the shade. However, once the sun is right above your right shoulder and shines directly into the screen it is very easily discernible. I captured couple of images today on my morning commute. I think it makes perfect sense, because I'm sure the manufacturer of said screen is the same.
Please post if you have noticed that as well.
I emailed Tesla about it.
Response from Tesla. This is BS, they will try to address it by issuing the software update. I am awaiting for their response to my question, how they fix the mechanical issue by software update?
I had this problem and Tesla replaced the screen under warranty. That was back in February-March 2019 timeframe. Like your situation, I noted that the yellowing follows the plastic bezel around the screen, rather than the edge. Like the MCU screen, it seems like Arbitration is going to be the solution here.
I can drive to my local service center and raise the issue there, but I'm not sure if it's worth it. Just like with the MCU screen it will develop yellow border again, most likely. This is really disappointing!
...Same manufacturer, same screen, same technology.

Early S and X screens did not have yellow border problem. They did, however, have bubbles problem.

Looks like they fixed the bubbles problem for newer S and X and then introduced yellow border problem.

Why don't we hear about these problems with Model 3 (besides that it's made in China and S and X screens are not. S and X 's instrument clusters display screens are made by Japan)?
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Or they will use the UV method on this too. The UV needs to be a device and cover the whole screen... to protect the user. I really hope this UV works. It looks like they are not doing it in volume yet, maybe they are waiting to see how it works in time.
Just noticed last week my 5/18 build has the yellow border on the big screen, and noticed today I have it on the small screen as well.

Called the SC and they don’t yet have the device for fixing this - they put me on the waiting list.

I’ve fallen out of love with this car. I like it - but with all the problems I’ve had in such a short time (half shafts etc) I don’t “love it” anymore......
I’ve fallen out of love with this car. I like it - but with all the problems I’ve had in such a short time (half shafts etc) I don’t “love it” anymore.....

I feel the same way - more of a love/hate relationship now with my S which is the same build date. I love driving it, but with all the issues I've had in the past year, the car's become more of a hassle than I bargained for. I'm just glad I live less than 10 minutes from a service center. Car's in service again today...
Same as you guys, for me this car is not a keeper, as soon as the warranty period is about to end it's gone, no way would I want this car outside of warranty.
It is such a shame, the driveline is perfection but it is let down in so many ways by other things they still can't get right.
Cars costing as much as these do should not be regularly needing warranty work, they shouldn't rattle, they should be built with more care and the company shouldn't be trying to get out of warranty work on cars not even a year old.