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Yet another rear seat cooling project

Discussion in 'Model S' started by MarcusMaximus, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. MarcusMaximus

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    Jan 2, 2017
    San Jose
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    Ive followed some of the other threads suggesting methods for cooling the rear facing seats but none of them really meet my needs(except the Airtainment console, but that's apparently no longer available. I messaged the guy who used to make it and he didn't respond and took it off Etsy entirely) so I'm planning out another, different one.

    I bought these off Amazon: AC Infinity AIRPLATE T7, Quiet Cooling Fan System with Thermostat Control, for Home Theater AV Cabinets: Electronics AC Infinity AIRPLATE S7, Quiet Cooling Fan System 12" with Speed Control, for Home Theater AV Cabinets: Home Improvement Parts Express 12V 2A DC To DC Converter: Electronics

    The current plan is to cut into the lining immediately to the sides of the rear facing seats and mount the fans there. My understanding is that the air back there is pulled from the main cabin, so this should aid in circulation. Obviously, these are just AV system fans, but they give a combined 208CFM. Since the hatch space has a volume of 26.3CF, that means a full air exchange every 7.5 seconds.

    For now, I have the control module loose up front(I'm thinking of eventually mounting this in the back as well, but my daughter is only 2, so it makes more sense to have it available for us) and drawing power from the adapter. I've tested the system without any mounting and the whole system works perfectly(fans go full speed, control module accurately senses the temperature in the back and can set fan speed appropriately).

    The next real step is to remove the plastic sides in the rear hatch and pull away the lining to make sure I have enough room for the installation.

    I also noticed there's a free connector inside the lining near the side lights in the hatch with two wires connected, but I haven't been able to test the voltage/current that provides. Anyone know what that's for or how much power it can provide?

    Also, thoughts on the general project?

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