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YMMV in Kilometers?

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For the second question, people who use kilometers tend to use liters/100 km, rather than distance-per-volume, and use the general term "consumption" for that ratio. Applying that to the first question would be YCMV, which is unit-agnostic, but googling "your consumption may vary" returns results using the "mileage" version, so I'm going to say no-one uses that.
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People use the term "Your Mileage May Vary" (YMMV). How do you say that with kilometers?

How about "gas mileage"? Is it "gas kilometerage"?

We changed to the metric system here in Canada when I was a kid, so like a lot of people my age I use a strange mix of metric and Imperial units, depending on context. Certain things I'm used to thinking of only in metric, other things only in Imperial - meanwhile there are yet other things I can flip between either unit system.

I can easily switch between using miles or kilometers, but to your original question I would only ever use "YMMV", and have never encountered the use of a metric version of the phrase...

And to your second question... what is this "gas" thing you speak of? :)