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You used Waze on your smartphone and then you bought a Tesla

You were a hardcore Waze user before getting a Tesla. Now you

  • Use Tesla's navigation wondering if it's as good as Waze at routing around traffic

    Votes: 4 12.1%
  • Use both Tesla's navigation and Waze in parallel and root for Waze to give better directions

    Votes: 16 48.5%
  • Continue using Waze until Tesla incorporates it or sufficiently improves its routing

    Votes: 10 30.3%
  • Other (please explain)

    Votes: 3 9.1%

  • Total voters
I have been using Waze for 7 years driving 300k miles around crazy Los Angeles. It is by far the best navigation for many reasons and for the last 4 years I had my Tesla the navigation system was hopelessly behind and lacked in so many ways. I have run Waze and the car's navigation side by side ever size I got my Model S. It was very interesting to see how much better Waze is pretty much every time.

But I had to say, the recent navigation update from Tesla has been a huge improvement. It is a decent alternative to WAZE now. Traffic info is much better and more up to date.

I'm still running both and if in doubt go by Waze but both are very close now. Even if the navigation the car is just as good I will always keep waze running for it's alerts and being able to report police and hazards. I believe in crowd sourced systems to help everyone.
Waze on the smartphone is an imperative all the time every time; often it'll just be launched and not routing, since even when set to just alerts only, it annoyingly lessens the on-board audio every time it confirms routing (those muted beeps). Runs concurrently with Nav in the MCU, and sometimes I'll have Google Maps also running in the background on the smartphone to track the overall trip.

I've given up expecting anything decent from Nav since they pretty much broke it and the interface with 8.1. I'm surprised it manages SCs to the extent it does.

Maybe someday we'll get the now-moldy feature request for green/yellow/red pedestal health and alt-coloured/flashing SC icons when a given SC is suboptimal by half or worse. Rarely ever is a negatively-impacted SC even greyed out.

Give the driver as much real-time information as possible to make manual course corrections. Ideally the SC routing would automagically improve and account for impacted SCs, but instead we don't get that and do get occasional *unannounced reroutes* in reverse or sometimes laterally while en route without so much as a courtesy reacharound or pop-up alert. And that's a problem.

At this rate, some other manufacturer may well provide this before Tesla does, and when they do it will be a needlessly squandered competitive advantage.