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Your House or Your Tesla?

Which do you like better, brings you more joy, your home or your tesla?

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Now that I have a real kitchen, it's the house. Before it was the Tesla.
For the last week or so, it is the Tesla - because I am having the house completely re-wired. For over a week, the house has been full of dust and the sound of power tools, so the Tesla has been a clean and peaceful escape. Once the wiring is finished, most of the rooms need new wood flooring - so that will mean more noise and dust.
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Not a fare comparison. They serve different senses in the brain.
Remember, this is my rifle, this my gun? For different parts of life.
But i like my S better anything. It doesnt nag or argue, it just snaps my neck everytime i mash it. I smile, im 75.
Dang, America is divided! Votes are split 50/50.

I really thought I would hear a lot more about the curse of home maintenance, but apparently, lots of people out there have some swanky digs.

I have to vote car for day to day joy. House wins the day when it comes down to it.
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As others have said, not exactly a fair comparison.
Definitely my house. We poured our heart and soul into our house. Played a significant role in designing it and setting the goals for it.
Our house allows us to live a net zero lifestyle, and our Teslas to use net zero energy.
We have replaced our Tesla’s with other Tesla’s.
We will never replace our house with another house.