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Zero SR/S

Today was the day. I picked up my brand new Zero SR/S Premium. I'm pretty impressed with the bike so far. I don't have the extra battery just yet (hopefully next week) but I can still do around 150 km on county roads. With the extra battery it should be 25% more range.

It feels totally different from what I'm used to. No engine start, no clutch lever, no gears... you basically just turn the key and a few seconds later the bike is live without making a sound.

The acceleration and how quickly it is available is very similar to my M3.

I can live with the range restrictions, however I don't understand why the bike doesn't come with DCFC. In my configuration I'm limited to 6 kW. Sure, I could've opted to buy the so called charge tank which increases the maximum charging power to 12 kW, but that seemed pointless to me. There are barely any chargers that can do more than 6 or 7.2 kW around here, so why bother?

Anyway, L2 charging from empty to 95% will take about 2.5 hours. Either I stick to shorter tours or I'll have to make long stops to recharge. It appears that other manufacturers do have DCFC so there is really no good reason why the Zero can't do it.

The customization options are pretty extensive. I chose a custom mode with no restrictions in regards to power, torque, top speed and regen. I'll probably behave for the most part, but if someone challenges me, I'd rather not start fiddling around with the drive modes. In Tesla terms it would be sport mode with full regen. You can still go slow, but if you need power, it's there... plenty of it.

Are there more EV bikers in this forum? It would be interesting to get some real life data.



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Welcome to the EV bikes club! I have a 2020 Energica Ego, and I love it due to how fast it is as well as DCFC. Takes about 20 minutes to charge from 10-80%.


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@Watts_Up yes, I checked a few options, especially those with DCFC. Personally I'm not a big fan of naked bikes which is why I decided against the LifeWire. The Energica is an interesting bike, too, but unfortunately they don't have a dealership here in Canada. Also I'm not sure if I ever want to have a chain again. The belt requires virtually no maintenance and I won't have grease all over my rear wheel. That wouldn't have been a deal breaker though. The lack of dealers in Canada is the real problem.

Still, the 20 minutes from 10-80% that @Sklith mentioned make me jealous 😒
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Nice ride. I don't want to take your thread too far off topic, but I have a question only somewhat related to your bike. Polaris has announced a Li battery electric UTV which will be available in December 2021:

It supposedly uses the Zero batteries and motors. What can you tell me about the reliability? I already searched with Google and although there isn't too much online, most people seem satified with their Zero purchase.
What can you tell me about the reliability?
After owning the bike for roughly 24 hours there isn't much I can say.
Generally speaking the battery in a motorcycle faces different challenges than in a car. It typically doesn't have to deal with low temperatures as most people wouldn't ride their bikes in freezing temperatures. On the other hand, the battery is only air cooled, so there is a good chance that it heats up more than the battery in the Tesla would.
Also the charge rates, or let's say the C-ratings are higher. If I charge my M3 LR at full AC power, I'm only at about 0.15 C (11.5 kW/75 kWh battery) whereas the Zero is at almost 0.5 C when charging at 6 kW. This is not dramatic at all, but it is higher, so I'm not expecting as many charge cycles for the Zero compared to the Tesla.

Time will tell how well the battery holds up. Right now I'm not too worried. The bike is just for fun and its battery doesn't need to last 300k miles or more.
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Looks like there are a few details where Zero could have done a better job.
  1. The brake light doesn't care about deceleration from regeneration. No friction brake equals no brake light. This is pretty dangerous because the regeneration can be fairly strong. Sure, I can dial it down, but that means more wear on the brake pads and more importantly: less range.
  2. It is beyond me why Zero decided to use regular light bulbs for the turn signal. LED turn signals are only available as an accessory. Aftermarket products might trigger a "Error 19: Blinker Bulb Out Fault" warning. I feel like their motorcycles should come with LEDs all around. I mean it's 2021 and Zero motorcycles are kinda high tech, so why deal with incandescent bulbs?
  3. The transition from normal driving to cruise control and back is brutal. I find it unnecessary difficult to push a button with my right thumb while trying to maintain the speed I'm trying to program. Also, when I cancel cruise control, the bike instantly goes into full regen, so I have to gradually apply the throttle before I cancel cruise control. Again, I need to keep the throttle at the right position while pushing a button with my right thumb which can be a bit tricky. It would be so much easier if they could just ramp up the regen over the course of a second or so. That would give me enough time to adjust.
Other than that, I'm very happy with the bike. It's currently at the shop where it's getting a ceramic coating. So far I've logged more than 1000 miles in just over a week.

@leonar40 : $38,375.93 CAD for the SR/S Premium including power tank, PDI, fees and taxes.