Job Posting Appears for Tesla’s Model Y Program

Tesla posted a job opening specific to the Model Y, the company’s upcoming electric crossover SUV, showing efforts are ramping up for the vehicle this year as planned.

According to the posting, “The New Programs Engineering, Design Engineer is responsible for designing, developing, and delivering prototype level components and systems for the Tesla Model Y program as well as future Tesla product programs.”

The posting has since been removed, but auto journalist Bozi Tatirevic captured screenshots.

According to the post: “This position requires frequent interaction with the Vehicle Engineering team and Design team using input from Interior, Exterior, BIW, and Closures. This is a mechanical design position where product design expertise and fundamental, first principles approach to engineering are far more important than extensive project engineering or automotive industry-specific experience.”

Requirements also include “experience in low-volume (10-25k units/year) production.”

Chief Executive Elon Musk said last month that Tesla will begin deploying capital to support the Model Y program this year and will offer more details about Model Y production plans in the next 3-6 months. Tesla reportedly plans to begin production in March 2020.

Tesla plans to build the the Model Y leveraging the Model 3 platform, which is expected to make production easier.

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