Report Says Tesla Pickup is More Talked About Than Ford’s F-150

Elon Musk has been doing plenty to hype a Tesla pickup, even calling it the “coolest car he’s ever seen.” A new study shows suggests Musk has successfully built intrigue even if he hasn’t built the truck yet.

Car news site AutoWise analyzed geotagged Twitter data for more than 100,000 tweets and found that the Tesla Pickup is currently more talked about than the bestselling Ford F-150.

According to Autowise: “The Ford F-150 is currently the most popular truck in every state, but when put up against the upcoming Tesla pickup truck… it is defeated at a count of 26 states to 24. With most of the Tesla support coming from the West Coast and Upper East coast. The south holds all the support for the Ford F-150.”

So far, consumers have only seen a vague renderings and really have no clue what Musk’s “cyberpunk” truck will look like. The pickup is expected to be debuted sometime this year.

“This is something that if you’re driving down the road it looks like it came out of a sci-fi movie,” Musk said at Tesla’s 2019 shareholders meeting.

He said the company aims to build “something more functional than a [Ford] F-150, but a better sports car than a basic [Porsche] 911.”

Musk said the Tesla Pickup truck will cost less than $50,000.

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