Top PPF Installers Discuss Tesla Applications

Since becoming a Tesla Motors Club featured vendor in April 2019, SunTek has seen many interesting discussions around PPF coverage in member forums. We rounded up some of those burning questions and asked installation professionals Robert, Jay, Triet and Pete to weigh in.

Do Teslas have any particularly damage-prone areas?

Everyone answered “yes” to this question and called out specific vulnerabilities. There was strong agreement that the front bumper takes a real beating – whether it’s from flying debris or insect residue. Other areas called out were side skirts, front of the rear wheel, rear quarter area, and rear bumper. Two of our experts also noted that Tesla paint is “soft” and one reported customers coming straight to their shop from the Tesla dealer with paint imperfections and rock chips. 

What is your PPF coverage recommendation for Teslas in general?

Three of four pros said that it’s essential to have PPF on the full front end, with two also recommending rear areas: rear quarters, rear bumper and trunk ledge. One pro encourages full coverage. So it’s fair to say our experts agree front end coverage is a must-have. Incidentally, this is also what is installed most often in three out of four experts’ shops. 

How do you handle PPF on parts of a Tesla with autopilot camera/proximity sensors?

There was unanimous agreement here: PPF covering Tesla camera/sensors should be cut out and removed to maintain full functionality. One expert also expanded on that to say: “Installers have to be very careful; they can sheer the top clips without knowing. There’s a special technique to remove.”

Do you use different PPF products for different areas on a car? 

Installing specific products in certain areas isn’t regular practice for any of our pros. Three are exploring bumper and rocker panel protection with SunTek Ultra Defense, a recently launched PPF with enhanced impact resistance.

Have you ever installed two layers of PPF?

Robert: “Never, we ceramic coat over PPF”

Jay: “Yes, and it definitely works”

Triet: “No”

Pete: “Yes, on rocker panels of some cars”

If you could give just one piece of advice to Tesla owners about PPF, what would it be?

Two pros highlighted PPF as an investment: 

  • Robert: “Spend the money up front so you can protect your vehicle and not have to repaint in the future.”
  • Triet: “Do it ASAP. Your paint is not perfect from the factory. It has nibbles and issues all over that you can’t see without the correct equipment.”

The other two say it’s key to know what to expect from PPF:

  • Jay: “It’s a protection service…not a magical product. There is a lot of misinformation regarding it on the boards.”
  • Pete: “Make sure you care for the film and don’t assume it will stop every piece of debris.”

Who are our Tesla PPF experts?

Our experts own and install at PPF shops with extensive Tesla experience. We’re including their Instagram handles so you can follow them and learn more:

  • Jay from Jay’s Detail Studio in San Antonio, TX; @jays_detail_studio
  • Pete from TVP Auto in Raleigh, NC; @tvpauto
  • Robert from GP Customs in Lincoln, NE; @gp_customs
  • Triet from Tint Pros/Platinum Auto Wraps in St. Paul, MN; @platinum_mn

Have any other questions for the pros? Comment and let us know.

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