Tesla to Update UI on FSD-Equipped Model 3/Y

Tesla will release a new UI alongside the wide rollout of its Full Self-Driving Beta, according to a tweet from Chief Executive Elon Musk.

In a reply to a Twitter user asking if the UI found in the Model S Plaid would be rolled out to the Model 3 and Model Y, Musk said, “Yes, updated UI coming with FSD wide release. All cars with FSD computer will have new “mind of car” view. All 3/Y can be upgraded to have FSD computer.”

An overhaul of the Tesla UI has been expected for some time, often attached to an upcoming v11 software update that would offer new features. The “mind of car” view seems to be one of those, but there’s not much info on the feature’s function. 

The new UI is expected to be the same – or similar at least – to the UI found in the flagship Model S Plaid, which has redesigned controls and more customization options.

As Musk mentioned, all Model 3 and Model Y vehicles without the necessary hardware for FSD, and the new UI, can be upgraded. It’s not clear if the owner needs to purchase the FSD package or just have the most recent computer.

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