Tesla Rolls Out Charging Capabilities for Salvage Title Model 3 Vehicles

Last year Tesla practiced some caution by blocking access to its Supercharger network for vehicles with salvaged titles.

A wrecked vehicle could have damage to the battery that makes the vehicle. That said, limiting chargers is a real bummer for people who want to rebuild damaged Tesla cars.

For those skilled enough to do the repairs, a salvaged Tesla can be a great value. The vehicles typically have little depreciation on the used market.

A tweet from @greentheonly, a Tesla owner and hacker, exposed the update for salvaged vehicles. Several other salvaged Model 3 owners chimed in to say they also gained access to the Supercharger network. It does not appear that Tesla has rolled out the update to salvaged Model Y, and perhaps even the Model S and Model X.

In addition to salvaged vehicles, Tesla also intends to open the Supercharger network to cars built by other automakers. 

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