Musk, Leno Spotted Driving Tesla Cybertruck

It seems the Tesla Cybertruck is soon to make an appearance on Jay Leno’s Garage.

An Instagram post from a user named gorgeouserika showed Musk riding in the passenger seat of the truck while Jay Leno piloted the vehicle down a city street in Los Angeles.

“Jay Leno and Elon cruising down Crenshaw in this damn car,” gorgeouserika said. “This is crazy.”

And, while two celebrities were driving in the next lane, it was the truck that captured the witnesses attention. The Cybertruck looks completely different than anything on the road. It’s almost jarring to see it mixed in with other traffic.

“Look how crazy this [truck] looks, sheesh,” she exclaims. 

Musk was also photographed last month by TMZ driving the all-electric pickup in the parking lot of Nobu restaurant in Malibu, California.

The last figure on the number of Cybertruck reservations Tesla revealed was 250,000. It’s fun to imagine the striking vehicle as a regular site on roadways. The truck is scheduled for production in 2021.


Jun 5, 2019
Evanston, IL
Is that thing legal to drive around as it is? No bumpers, no mirrors? Is there such a thing as a prototype permit or experimental car license? Probably it would pass strict California emissions testing, but still...