Tesla Postpones ‘Battery Day’ Event

Tesla’s “Battery Day” event where the company planned to give updates on its electric storage efforts will be delayed until at least “mid May.”

Tesla has been chasing the milestone of bringing battery production cost to $100/kWh, and many Tesla watchers hope that the upcoming event will include an announcment that the automaker has reached that goal.

The event was originally scheduled for this month. “Hard to predict dates right now. Most likely postponed to mid May,” Chief Executive Elon Musk replied to a tweet asking asking about the event.

Tesla planned to assemble a group of investors for a live presentation, but the company seems to be taking precautions amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Tesla shut down production at both its Fremont, Calif. and Buffalo, N.Y. factories due to COVID-19, but is reportedly planning to resume production next month if possible.

Tesla previously held an event to offer a deep dive into its self-driving efforts. The 2019 “Tesla Autonomy Day” is where Musk offered the most details yet on plans for the Tesla Network, a program that enables Tesla owners to offer their cars for use as robotaxis. Tesla team members also delivered a highly-technical overview of the company’s hardware designed specifically for autonomous driving.

It’s expected that “Battery Day” will also offer interesting new details about the company’s research and development efforts. Musk has said the presentation would include a review of cell chemistry, module and pack, architecture, and the company’s manufacturing road map toward a terawatt-hour per year of production.

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