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  1. Alysashley79

    Which Snow-Chain are you using with your Model S?

    For those asking. Here’s the website (Amazon also routinely has them) https://autosock.us/show-chains-near-me/ I have high awd ms and rwd 3. On my awd I put them on all 4 because they can’t hurt anything and better traction. I put them on the rears on my 3.
  2. Alysashley79

    Need help regarding price levels for a used Tesla Model S P85D out of warranty

    I have a p85D (actually p90D that’s locked into 85) My HV has been replaced under warranty. And the Hv/DU warranty is good through April 2023. I would ask mid 40’s for mine. Part of the # though is where you live. I live in the Seattle area so can get a higher amount than say you could in...
  3. Alysashley79

    Need help regarding price levels for a used Tesla Model S P85D out of warranty

    He literally put in his post he doesn’t want a 3. 🙄
  4. Alysashley79

    HV battery died during my road trip (2018 Model S)

    Sorry this happened. Typical turn around is anywhere from 5 weeks to 8 weeks. It was 6 weeks from the day the tow truck dropped off my car until I picked it back up.
  5. Alysashley79

    2014 sunroof drain plugged

    Just pour some hot water and make sure they’re draining. I waited until it was too late. I ended up having to pull the a pillar. The sun visor off and part of the headliner to get it fixed.
  6. Alysashley79

    Model 3 : control arm disengaging

    I know it seems like “new” but they haven’t made any 90 packs in years. They’re just putting reman packs on. My invoice doesn’t say one way or the other but I was told they’re ALL reman.
  7. Alysashley79

    Model 3 : control arm disengaging

    Again I’ll ask where you’re getting your info that tesla is offering “new” replacement batteries. They don’t. Call them and ask. They don’t. They’re all reman
  8. Alysashley79

    2014 sunroof drain plugged

    Last night was our first heavy rain where my car was parked in the rain. Came out to a small puddle. Was able to absorb the water. This morning in the light I opened the sunroof. Cleaned the rails and found the passenger front drain plug is clogged. I searched the internet and was told to...
  9. Alysashley79

    Model 3 : control arm disengaging

    Just out of curiosity. Where are you getting your info on a “new” 85 pack for ms? You are aware that tesla hasn’t actually made an 85 pack for several years. They put 90 packs into the old 85 packs. And then software limit the cars to 85kw. I had a 90 pack out into my ms in July. It charges...
  10. Alysashley79

    Model 3 : control arm disengaging

    1)the model 3’s battery doesn’t cost $16k. He’ll even a ms 85 pack isn’t that much. The 3 only has a 60kw pack. 2)I own a Toyota. For my model S it cost me $528 for two control arms including labor. I also had to replace the control arms on my Toyota (shocking I know. Other types of cars also...
  11. Alysashley79

    Model 3 : control arm disengaging

    While I’m really sorry this happened to you this isn’t technically on tesla. This could have happened to any vehicle. They aren’t finicky in any manner. They’re just cars.
  12. Alysashley79

    Dashboard Issue?

    It’s a crazy amount. I think like $700 or something stupid like that. You might inquire about mcu2 upgrade. It’s $1500 BUT you get a new IC and MCU. fwiw my MCU followed with dripping about 6 months after my IC. (Tesla fixed my IC under used warranty)
  13. Alysashley79

    Getting new wheels and tires with no $120 BT TPMS sensors. What error will display?

    I guess what I meant was you pick up a nail. Slow leak which tpms would have picked up and you keep driving. Now it’s a full blow out. That could have been avoided.
  14. Alysashley79

    HV battery died during my road trip (2018 Model S)

    I know i don’t live in the same area as you but this has NOT been my experience in 9 years of being with tesla.
  15. Alysashley79

    New model 3 LR, grinding sound during turns, SC says ok?

    They’re only quoting that because it’s a “noise” complaint. If something is actually wrong they won’t charge you. Fwiw I’ve had three teslas. Teslas are silent. Beyond that it’s not normal. Not ever.

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