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Toolbox 3 setting up computer before starting subscription

Recently helped @mr_hyde to setup toolbox 3 to diag a 2014 MS with the most economical 1 day subscription. Seems like most first timers spend quite awhile dealing with computer IT/connection issues. 1 day subscription could even expires before even getting proper connection to th...


Home Wall Connector Install

We recently moved to a new house and the Main Panel had plenty of room and a fairly short run to where I wanted to put a Wall Connector.

I was initially going to install a level 2 NEMA 14-50 Outlet and use my spare mobile charger, already purchased Homeline 50A GFCI breaker, and Hubbel 9450. Howev...



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Model Y crossbar

I’m posting this to help others maximize their OEM tesla crossbars. Any comment or input is appreciated.

I have a MY with OEM crossbars. Over the last 20 years, I’ve accumulated a lot of Thule accessories. 50” 58” 70” square bars, 2 sets of hull a ports, get a grip oar holders, Frontier...



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Five Year Review -- Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor AWD

Sent out a Five-Year Assessment of my Model 3 for some friends, so thought I should also post here -- the photo shows it with my 1975 MGB and 1998 BMW 528i a few weeks ago...

There has been a great deal of misinformation said and written about EVs in general and Telsa in particular du...


Custom dog bed for my 2022 (refresh) Model S

I have a large German Shepherd Dog who likes to ride in the back of my car. My goal was to protect the interior of my car while giving my dog a flat and sturdy platform with support to keep him from rolling around.

I didn't find a solution to buy so I decided to make my own. My plan was fold the ...



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German Model 3 Highland Delivery in October/November

I got my first model 3 Highland, three days ago. I was living in the middle of Germany in Kassel, 200 km in the north of Frankfurt. My first impression: I was really and amazed to receive and drive this new super sophisticated car. It is much more comfortable and classier than the old Model 3 withou...


How coolant level affected my range

I'm writing this post to help those owners who witness similar issues that I had with my range.

The car:
2020 M3LRAB bought used from Tesla with 38K miles on it.

3%-5% charge drop while parked.
Dramatic range drop while driving.
AC not blowing cold enough.
Fan running for a long time aft...


100% electric hydrofoil passenger vessel – Candela P-12

Candela P-12, the world’s first electric hydrofoil passenger vessel, has completed its first test flights and begun production at our Rotebro facility. P-12 is offering a faster, sustainable, and more cost-efficient option for maritime transport and will halve commuting times in Stockholm from 202...


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SpaceX Starship - Integrated Flight Test #2 - Starbase TX - Including Post Launch Dissection

Update: Launch now scheduled for 7AM CST Saturday November 18, 2023.

Launch Date: November 18
Launch Window: 7:00am CST, 8:00am EST, 5:00am PST (20 minute window)
Launch site: LC-1 - Starbase, Boca Chica Beach, Texas
Core Booster Recovery: Expended in Gulf
Starship Recovery: Water landing ...



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