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Late winter California Road Trip, 2024

Day 1

Once again, I miscalculated how much vacation I carried over from last year, and have to use a week before the end of March or lose it. So, I used airline miles to buy a ticket to LAX and scheduled a rental Model Y LR. (I wanted a Model 3 LR, but there were none available to reserve for the d...


Model 3 Highland Performance/Ludicrous Spotted

Has a 'Ludicrous' badge on the back. New rear spoiler, front spoiler, looks lower, new wheels, different brake set up, sports seats, and I'd guess at a 0 -60 of around 2.5 ish seconds.

I'll be all over this when it comes out. Although not sold on the wheels but i'd imagine there will be options on ...


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All Civil War Park Sites, 3LR

As you may know, the National Park Service has a lot of Civil War sites. I believe I have been to all the official battle sites in my Long Range Tesla 3, and I arranged them below into a chronological narrative of the war. This is cross-posted from my ad-free Zero Carbon Travel blog, and each link...


Idaho to Montana and back in the Winterish, YLR - First Road Trip 1,100 miles in three days

This was my first long road trip in our 2023 MYLR since we purchased her in December. We started in Boise, ID and drove to Helena, MT and back over three days, about 1100 total miles. A few things to preface this trip. We took the freeway the entire way as we have always done that in the past and w...


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Karpathy: Self-driving as a case study for AGI

Karpathy wrote an interesting blog on how self-driving can be an early case study into AGI:

What I would like to suggest in this post is that recent developments in our ability to automate driving is a very good early case study of the societal dynamics of increasing automation, and by exte...


Zero to Sixty in ‘Y Not?’ 2024 Mini Review + pics

OK second time around in a model Y loaner, this time it’s the 2024 Performance in Ultra Red on white. See pictures below!

Just picked it up tonight. My wife tried to convince me to go another night for pick up as she thought I was going to drag her out for an extended test drive tonight. Uh no dea...



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SpaceX F9 - IM-1 Nova-C Lander - LC-39A - Includes Post Launch Discussion

Launch Date: February 15
Launch Window: 1:05AM EST (10:05PM PST on the 14th, 06:05 UTC)
Launch site: LC-39A, Cape Canaveral Space Force Station (CCSFS), Florida
Core Booster Recovery: RTLS - LZ-1
Booster: B1060.18
Fairings: Reused
Mass: 1931 kg +100 kg (5 sponsored payloads)
Orbit: TLI
Yearly Launch...


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Ski road trip: across the WA Cascades and MT Rockies, from Seattle to Big Sky

In search of better skiing than we've gotten in the Cascades this season, I took my daughter for a skiing vacation this past week at Big Sky resort, which had a week of great snow and a wondrous return to winter conditions. I drove and brought her skis and a couple of my snowboards, plus a big gear ...



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