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"Kia-logo" by SUVs, Sed...


CleanCam rear camera washer

I have installed a rear camera washer system onto my car. It is a challenge to keep the rear camera lens clean especially in winter climates where the rear camera constantly gets dirty because of road spray. Originally I bought the Abstract Ocean Superhydrophobic camera cover. It worked fine in the ...



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FSD 12.4, Vision Attention Monitoring, and IR LEDs

NotATeslaApp says that 12.4 will rely on the cabin camera for attention monitoring instead of the steering wheel IF several conditions are met:

  • the camera is not occluded
  • there is sufficient lighting
  • the driver is looking forward
  • the driver is not wearing sunglass...


Highland Range

Hi folks.....very happy with the Highland range so far. I've been consistently averaging under 200 Wh/mile around town for the first month.....highway driving at 75 to 80, closer to 240 Wh/mile.....significantly better than my 2018.

Today I had to do some highway driving, charged up to 100% before...



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Tesla’s solar division to be responsible for Supercharger charging network

Well, if you thought that solar tech support and service was already bad, this will only make it worse. For my 3 solar/PW ssues, I each had to jump th...


Early MS LDU/RDU coolant leakage; current state of affairs

I am a 2012 P85 owner that recently proactively replaced my rear drive unit (RDU)/large drive unit (LDU) with the new - released in the Fall of 2023 -Tesla "U" version seal manifold delete/coolant delete. Proactive...



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Kia EV6 GT Line AWD compared to my Tesla Model Y LR

For those interested I will post my comparison of the two EVs. I have now spent approx 2 hours driving plus quite a bit of research of the Kia EV6 recently, as I am very interested in getting another EV, so I think I have a little knowledge on the subject. Now both comparisons are AWD models from bo...


Model 3 @ Local Time Attack in 2024

This forum needs some more in-car track video, so here we go!

While the 3 is not exactly breaking any records, and on a regional or national level for Time Attack it's not terribly competitive, it's still quite good for doing local events. Especially now, given the going prices, there's not...


Are we underestimating what features Tesla could leverage with the cameras + AI

Not sure if this has been discussed before (I'm sure it has)

But let's just watch the first few seconds of this Figure AI robot demo for a sec and then think about what Tesla may add to the car by leveraging a "a realtime Tesla camera swarm" in a similar way.

But instead of you asking the car.....


Thoughts after a 2300 mile journey

I just got home from a long distance trip from Wyoming to southern Arizona and back. Several things stick out in my mind concerning the car and the charging infrastructure.

First, I had more trouble with superchargers being off line or not working properly than during all the trips I took in the pa...


Discussion on this WSJ article

I think the sentiment of this article is on key, but details seem so wrong.

I always thought of WSJ as a reliable source.
- first LFP?
- $7500 tax credit in 272 mile range lease in 2024. Am I wrong here?
- 272 mile range f...


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Tesla FSD V12 vs Mercedes Driver Assist Video by Whole Mars Catalog on YouTube.com

According to Whole Mars Catalog, a Consumer Reports recent review rated Mercedes-Benz Driver Assistance with a higher score than Tesla Autopilot.

Probably not a fair comparison when using FSD V12.3.6, but quite funny to watch none the less..



Direct 18" vs. 20" wheel comparison for efficiency

I have a 25 mile loop that I do controlled efficiency testing on. I have done extensive testing with the 20" Uberturbine wheels and the stock Pirelli PZ4 tires vs. the 18" T Sportline wheels I have but that was always with different tires. Yesterday, I was finally able to test 18" wheels vs. 20" whe...



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