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Model 3 RWD 2022 Drive Unit Failure Pyrofuse

Just going to share my experience of having to contact roadside assistance on 06/04/2024 ~4pm for a Model 3 RWD 2022, odometer ~21k.

I was on autopilot on an A road at 60mph when suddenly autopilot disengaged and the screen spewed a load of messages about pulling over safely, having no drive and ne...


Interesting take on wrapping the Cybertruck

Just saw this on the freeway. Not in love with the aqua color, but how it was split up is an interesting take on it. If you're not one that loves the look of the Cybertruck and it's triangle roof, doing the top in Black and the sides in a lighter color do certainly help hide the lines of the roof. I...


3D Printed Rear Headrest Tablet Holder That Uses Headrest Poles

Hey Guys,

I got 2 Samsung A7 Lites for free and decided to do something useful with them.

I wanted a safe and sturdy tablet holder for the rear seats but surprisingly no one makes an aftermarket part that uses the headrest poles for the ultimate rigidity! These things don't move over any bu...


Tesla service & maintenance: the biggest difference with legacy car makers?

Had an appointment at the Tesla Service Centre in Nottingham today to replace a faulty tyre pressure sensors in my 2021 M3. In all the ways that Tesla tries to be different - some of which are more successful than others - it made me come to the conclusion this may be one of the best.

Booking a ser...


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Make your robotaxi predictions for the 8/8 reveal

So Elon says that Tesla will reveal a dedicated robotaxi vehicle on 8/8. What do you think we will see? Will it look like this concept art or something else?

I will say that while this concept drawing looks super cool, I am a bit skeptical if it is practical as a robotaxi. It looks to only have 2 s...


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Towed boat from RI to FL & Back

Hey Everyone,

I thought I would share my experience with my most significant towing trip yet. I have a '20 MYP "stealth," which was originally rated at 315 mi of range. Now my 100% range is about 298.

Something I've wanted to do for a long time is bring my boat, a small trimaran, to the FL Keys, a...



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The quest for the ultimate efficiency.

I have been trying to see what I can do to improve efficiency with my 2022 Model 3 Performance. I changed from the 20” Uberheavy wheels to 18” wheels with Michelin PS4S tires and that helped efficiency significantly. It was an almost 6% improvement in efficiency over stock @ 60 mph average speed.



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Review of my 2024 Tesla M3 RWD after approx 2 weeks

I picked up my Tesla M3 rwd, March 16. First time in my life I had to pick car up out of town. It was 3.5 hours drive to get back to Sudbury. There was heavy rain at times but no issue getting back to Sudbury. Charged car at Tesla Supercharger when I arrived in Sudbury.

I wanted a Tesla since 2012...


Ioniq 5 road trip impressions

We recently took a Ioniq 5 on a short road trip to see what the non-Tesla EV scene is like, and also because I was interested in one before I purchased our Model Y.

Having the chance to rent the car for a few days definitely gave us the chance to spend more time with the car and really evaluate the...


SpaceX Starship - IFT-4 - Starbase TX - Launch Thread and Post Launch Discussion

Launch Date: May
Launch Window: TBD
Launch site: LC-1 - Starbase, Boca Chica Beach, Texas
Core Booster Recovery: Expended in Gulf with a landing burn
Starship Recovery: A controlled reentry through the atmosphere to a terminal velocity splashdown in the Indian Ocean
Booster: Super Heavy Booster 11


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Vendor BMS_u029 Scammers, Toolbox Is Onto You…


We recently had a very interesting situation arise with an out of balance pack that came in with a BMS_u018 imbalance alert and a voltage delta of 120 mV. Pretty standard stuff and we go to work.

Problem was that when we ran the full diagnostics, the CAC was pretty much even across the boar...



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Solo Roadtrip from San Diego to Vancouver (Canada) in a 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range

Technically I drove to Richmond, a city just south of Vancouver but definitely within the same metro.

It’s been 30+ years since I last drove 1,000+ miles solo. I was in my early 20s and it was a barely operable 1980 Datsun 280ZX with no power steering, no A/C, no power wind...



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