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Shifting to neutral & opening doors manually when battery dead

Hi! I am asking due to a recent experience that I had when my Tesla MS 2015 had told me to pull over due to low battery (50 miles left) and then suddenly shut off about 20 minutes later. I couldn't turn it back on nor could the tow truck person that came to help take the car. Fortunately he was able to use a method to wedge the car up to pull onto the tow, but it made me question why the car wouldn't be able to force shift to neutral? Is it due the computerization or the inherent nature of the electric motors? I have heard of newer ICE cars that can't force shift to neutral due to the computerization (dunno how true my armchair research was). But my 2002 honda civic was able to do so when there isn't any power.

It also made me question whether or not if there was a manual way to open the car door from the inside if both the 12V and HV battery were out too. I actually rolled down the windows prior to the battery dying in this case (fortunately at this point the 12V was still charged, so the test situation never arose).

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Advice selling 2021 model 3

I’m trying to sell my Tesla, but I have no experience selling a new model electric car. I have seen people selling newer models for increased prices based on things like beating the waitlist etc. Does anyone know anything about legality/ethics of that? I’ve also seen people say that standard sites don’t work well for selling electric vehicles. Is this a thing or is that old news? I’ve also seen sites specific to selling electric cars and I’m wondering if anyone has had success with any of those. Does location affect pricing? It seems like demand would be higher in areas with more available charging stations. Thoughts? Advice? Any lessons learned? Thanks for any help!

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Advice selling 2021 Model 3 SR+

Hello, I’m trying to sell my Tesla, as listed in the title. I’m not really sure the best way to go about it. Can anyone point me in the right direction for how I can best sell it? I’m looking at a fast turn-around too, if that’s possible. A week, ideally, maybe two. I have no idea how to price it either. Any help would be amazing! I’m in San Diego, CA, if that changes anything.

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Overseas charging?

I have a 2014 S P85 that I got last year in great condition and love driving (with dealer extras and aftermarket tweaks, 2014 price was 160k). At my purchase, for 30k, it had 120k miles on it but was in excellent condition...full charge is at 240 miles. I added 20k in improvements (frt lip spoiler, windshield, tires, brakes, rotors, drive motor). So I'm 50k into the car, just so you can better tweak your advice on this.

In 2 years, it's very likely I'll be retiring to Sardinia, an Italian island that currently only maps 4 Tesla chargers in my area (3 at private hotels, 1 public). What do you think I would be looking at in terms of cost in getting my vehicle to this island, worth it? And, once there, what charging issue might I be expected to encounter?...I've heard of Teslas "dying" from using overseas chargers.

And, do I still get free charging at public chargers in Italy?

Thanks for anyone digging deep on this one.

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Prescription Eyeglasses best Lenses for Model S Screen

Does anyone have experience with types of Prescription Lenses(Interested in Essilor Varilux 'X' series or 'Comfort') that work best for Driving and looking at the Touch Screen? I am getting a new pair of glasses and wanted to get any inputs on what the community my be experiencing. Plan to use the same glasses for both indoor computer/laptop work as well as Photosensitive Transition lens for driving.

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Premium Connectivity Cancellation after sale to a 3rd party

I sold my 2018 Tesla Model 3 yesterday and conducted a Factory Reset to erase all personal data, but forgot to specifically cancel my Premium Connectivity subscription. Did the Factory Reset automatically cancel the subscription or must I follow another procedure to ensure I am no longer billed for this service?

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Charging problem Flo level 2 model S 70D 2016

Hi, after driving for 1 hour in the cold (-6°C) I tried to recharge on a level 2 terminal (called Flo in Quebec), in a heated parking lot at the Westin Resort & Spa at Mont Tremblant. I have an S model. I tried to change the small adapter with the neighbour, change terminals... still the same problem. My car indicates that the charge was complete but yet I only had 200 Kilometers out of 374. On the screen the voltage was at 210 and the amperage varied between 7 and 11 on a regular basis, without starting the recharge. The neighbor with his model 3 had no problem, I called Flo (CAA) and they too confirmed that everything was OK on their side. I left the car plugged in for 4 hours with no charge at the end. I then went to the Tesla super charger, no problem except that it did not charge very quickly at 37kw! Once home, no problem recharging with my level 2 charger… can you help me?

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Gen 3 charger not charging after outage

I purchased a Gen 3 charger and had it installed on the Controlled Load 1 circuit so that I could charge the car overnight when off-peak rates kick in about 12.30am and turn off at 7am. In Australia, electricity only runs through that circuit during these times.
Unfortunately, the charger does not start charging when the power goes on ... just gives the blue light (communicating with vehicle). So, if I want to have a full charge the next day, I set the alarm for 1am, get up and plug it in. If it is already plugged in, I need to remove the plug and replug it in to start it charging.
I have communicated with 5 Tesla people so far over the past 2 months with no resolution to the problem.
One Tesla person told me that the Gen 3 charger cannot start recharging again after a power outage.
Apparently, it needs to be continually powered.
This would be a problem if an outage occurred, and you thought that you would wake up to a charged car.

I did try scheduling it to start at 1am, but it didn’t work.

Does anyone else have the same issue? Does anyone have a solution?

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How effective is the Heat Pump in new Model 3s?

Hello. I own a 2019 M3 SR+ with a resistive heater. In the London area, we can experience winter cold snaps of -25C. My heater, being resistive, seems to conquer the cold. However I am contemplating purchasing a 2022 M3 LR with a heat pump. Does anyone have experience with their Model 3 (or Y) running a heat pump at these temperatures? In light of all the current discussions about failed heat pumps at extreme winter temperatures, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t put off my purchase until the dust (or heat pumps) settles…. Any thoughts appreciated. I don’t want a new Tesla with heating headaches!
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Percentage prediction in satnav

How can I see the battery percentage predictions for a waypoint in the satnav tab in V11? It used to show a percentage read out on the bottom next to the estimated arrival timex but now I can't find it anymore??
Wanted to organise a multi stop trip, but can't tell with how much battery I'll get to individual stops. Is it user error or V11!?!

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***Voice Deterrence (Boombox FBI Voice!)Sentry Mode Model Y***

Good Morning can someone please give me some insight here, a bit frustrating. I'm a New Owner of a Tesla Model Y, and while my Sentry Mode is Live an active and latest upgrade Version: 2021.44.30. I seen a YouTube video (Boombox FBI Voice demo!). How can I connect this feature or is it already connected and I'm just missing something. If anyone can help me out with this it would be Greatly Appreciated!?

YouTube Video: Login to view embedded media

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Service Keeps Rescheduling and I'm not home ...

My car says to schedule service. I went to the app and made the appointment for a time when I was home. Prior to my appointment, Tesla rescheduled to a time when I'm not home. I used the app to rescheduled again (to a time when I was home about 2 weeks out). A few days later, Tesla rescheduled that appointment and pulls the appointment in to the next day. Again, I'm not home. No two way communication to see if I'm available.

I call the help center. They look into it and say someone from my local service center will call me. They never do.

The next day I get a call from the Tesla service tech who is driving to my home and says he does not have my address. Seriously? I tell him about the above and that I'm not home. He says someone will call me later that day. No one calls.

So my Tesla is sitting in the garage now for 2 weeks going no where with no prospect of a service call. How do we actually schedule an appointment that is convenient to both Tesla and Owner without Tesla just changing it later without consolation with the owner? Seems pretty basic.

I'm considering selling my car once the offending issue is addressed. Great car. But I do not need this hassle.

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Upgrade MCU1 to MCU2 outside Tesla Service Centre

Hi guys, I’m looking for someone to upgrade the the MCU1 in my 2015 P85D Model S (AP1, HW1) to MCU2. I figured I could buy a compatible MCU2 from a 2018 car and send that with my MCU1 to someone to copy the data over. My issue is the eMMC has just failed (probs possible to recover the data) and the display was leaking gel already. So I’d much rather swap it for a newer MCU2 rather than swap the eMMC.

Also FYI, I live in Sri Lanka and there’s no Tesla Service Centre here or else that would have been my first and only choice.

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Anyone else not getting 10.9?

Hey y’all. Here we go again. It seems like everyone is getting 10.9 at this point and my car shows no sign of any update. It’s odd because for all the previous updates it would be one of the first cars to get it once it went public. Really need it. 10.8.1 is driving terribly around Wilmington NC. The mapping is just terrible. FSD gets into turning lanes to pass people when the lane ends in 100 ft, crosses double yellow lines when there is opposing traffic ect. Just looking for confirmation that it’s not just me. Thanks!

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Loud "helicopter" sound from fan below frunk (cold weather)

I recently noticed a whirling helicopter sound coming from a fan under the frunk. Does anyone know what causes this sound, and if it's a legitimate issue? I recorded it and posted it on youtube (see below link)

The sound happens when the heat/climate system turns off after closing the door. Prior to this, the car had been sitting in my garage, plugged in, for about 24 hours in cold weather (approx 20-40 degrees). The sound was first noticed after warming up the car, then opening and shutting the driver door.

This seems like the same sound described by @plisken in this post:

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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How to turn off the parking brake on a M3?

I plan on taking my M3 Performance to the track for some HPDE. I know that the brakes get really hot on the track and applying parking brakes for more than just a few minutes can cause serious damage. I can’t find anything in the owners manual or in the “Track mode” settings that allow me to “park” the car after a track session without the parking brake being set. Seems there’s got to be a way around the parking brake. Can I put it in neutral somehow and be able to walk away for a comfort stop? If so, I could easily put a set of blocks around a wheel so it doesn’t roll away.

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Salvage title model 3

Hi, I recently bought a model 3 from a salvage auction to fix and drive. The car was hit pretty hard in the rear resulting in the trunk, bumper, right quarter, inner trunk, and outer frame damage. I was told by a body shop that before replacing any of the metal, it should go on a frame machine to get straightened out. Then the bad metal could be cut out and replaced. I've been reading online though that it is not recommended for any tesla to go on a frame machine because other parts of the car could unintentionally get messed up. Does anyone have experience with this? Some direction here would be greatly appreciated.


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