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Seatbelt restraint

So I’m at a standstill with Tesla on this issue but it’s causing me worry.
I’m having multiple left and right rear seatbelt restraint issues. Tesla, firstly said it’s a firmware issue and may get solved in the future. Second time I asked they quoted for entirely new modules, when they got the vehicle they said they weren’t needed. They can’t confirm if it’s middle or third row.
My question to them, and you if you’ve had experience, is how do I, with good conscience, put my family in any of the rear seats? How would I know the difference between a genuine fault and a “Oh, it will be sorted in a future firmware upgrade” fault. Tesla, so far, have not answered with any authority.

Anyone been in the same situation and gotten any resolve?


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Falcon wing door and window not working

Hi all, new to TMC. I have a 2017 MX. About two weeks ago, the driver falcon door main hinge bracket knuckle sheared off, ironically the day after, it was at the Tesla service center getting the upgrade cameras and the first time opening this door since. Basically, they said not their problem. So I decided to replace the hinge myself, BIG MISTAKE.

Before replacing the hinge, the door was operational, the door would pop but could not lift because the main spring was no longer assisting the door. I was able to replace the hinge and get the door back in line. However, while doing this, I accidentally removed a ground. I believe it was to the door control module ECU, see photo for ground location. At the door control module ECU, in the ceiling, there is power to all four legs of the module. This clearly caused a short, and I could hear it making a zapping noise. Since then, my window, door pop, and exterior and interior buttons no longer work. I checked every fuse in the car, under the hood and the driver's side next to the accelerator pedal. I used a multimeter on each fuse to make sure there was 12 volts to each fuse on both testing sides. Still have no luck.

I then decided to take the passenger-side door module ECU that was in the ceiling and replace the driver-side one to see if there was power. The driver's rear door will try to calibrate this way but will not complete the calibration. The door pop, exterior handle, and interior handle do not work, the only way it works is by hitting calibrate on the main screen. When I try to calibrate and when the door closes, but it will pop the passenger door, not the driver door, even tho I have it connected to the driver wiring. I still do not have any power to my window.

I then took the door module out of the passenger door, the one behind the door cover, and put that one in the driver door, with the other good module in the ceiling. Still no luck, and still does the same thing.

Under the service screen, only active error is that falcon wing door needs calibration.

I am at a loss for trying to fix this. I have a service appointment, but that is at the end of December, so I will keep trying to fix it if I can.

I am looking for:
1) any fuses that should be specifically checked for the door and window.
2) The power pinout for the door control module that is in the door, so I can check that one to make sure there is power.
3) What module controls the window, so I can try to roll the window up. The car has to sit outside Tesla when we drop it off the night before and do not want to leave the window down.
4) Any other ideas of what else to check or do.

Please no negative comments, like you should have taken it to Tesla, I already have enough of that from the wife......

Thanks in advance for any ideas.


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Can only take advantage of new EV credit once every three years?

I just noticed that you can only take advantage of the new federal credit once every three years?

Credit can only be claimed once every three years.

Although looking at it again, that rule might be just for used cars. 🤔

Since we're definitely going to replace both of our cars in the next 3 years (and never buying gas again) that could be an issue.

This makes the December $3750 deal VERY enticing.

Thinking of maybe getting a RWD model 3 now and the Y later. Maybe Cybertruck.

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Sentry mode after crash

I got hit in the side by a deer yesterday. 4 side airbags deployed and body shop says the Pyro fuse blew. When i tried to watch the video in the car the dash came icon had a red X on it. I put the memory stick in my computer and every video is there right up until the one that would show the crash. Any chance that last video is recoverable?

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What Happened To Charging Stats In the TESLA Mobile App???

Just noticed in the last few days that I can no longer view my charger stats in the TESLA iOS app. I am running the most current update (v4.15.3). What is peculiar is that this feature seemingly disappearing has coincided (coincidentally) with my TESLA Wall Connector being installed this week.

Prior to a few days ago, I used to be able to view my Time-of-Use utility rate plan and historical charges by $$$ and kWh, etc.

Where it be at????

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Model Y “Ghost Body” Image In HVAC UI Is A Model 3???

Am I the only one who has noticed that the “ghost body” image of the TESLA in the HVAC UI (when you press the “REAR” tab) is actually a Model 3 and NOT a Model Y??? You can make out a roof support beam atop the B-pillar—which the Model Y does NOT have—and the rear deck behind the backseat headrests—which the Model Y also does NOT have. C’mon, Elon! Update the Model Y’s HVAC “ghost body” image to an actual Model Y!

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What is PV performance like with Panels mostly on North side of Roof?

I'm new to this group. If this topic is already discussed or open for discussion, please let me know., I have a unique situation. My roof is having very less space in East, West and South side so majority of the Tesla Solar panels have been installed on North side. Though I challenged the design, but I was told by the Proj Coordinator that Tesla panels will generate the power in North side as well with 75-80% efficiency. I live in San Ramon CA. MY PTO is pending with PGE. My question is to those who have solar panels in North, what is their experience?

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What should I do with my scratched model y?

Hi, I just noticed today that my model y has a pretty big scratch and lower front bumper panel came off a little. I’m not sure how it happened. I wasn’t in any accident. From the sentry footage I don’t see anyone scratching my car(although I dunno if it captured everything). Question now where should I fix this mess? Should I go to tesla service or some third party? I’m located in NYC. I’m so sad it’s not even a year yet. Sucks! Appreciate y’all help. Thanks!


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"Acceleration and top speed reduced" ?

Last night I updated to software 2022.40.4.2 and I woke up with the car having the following error messages:
1. Power limited - OK to drive. Vehicle may not restart after this drive
2. Acceleration and top speed reduced. Performance may be restored on next drive.

I read that this could be a major issue, do I need to stop what I'm doing and schedule an emergency mobile service?? I can only do mobile service, closest physical location is 3 1/2 hours away


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Navigate to *closest* location?

Occasionally, I'd like the navigation to direct me to a common franchise business without having to choose one from the list. For instance, "Navigate to the closest Starbucks". This way I don't need to take my eyes off the road just to choose the top item.

Sadly, that command doesn't work. Does anyone know if there's a command like it to achieve the same goal? I googled a bit but haven't found anything.

If this doesn't exist and you have connections at Tesla, seems like a really useful command.

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2022 Model S: High Beams and Auto-Locking Questions

1. Having difficulty manually turning on high beams and keeping them on until manually turned off. Here's what I found in the manual, but it is not working. The lights quickly revert to regular head lights. Solutions? Thanks.

2. The updated locking system setting that allows unlocking doors and the trunk by pushing and holding driver unlock button, seems to prevent opening the trunk manually standing at the back of the car. So, I had to revert to the old setting that doesn't unlock doors/trunk with the button. Anyone else experience this?

3. While I am at it, does the auto-locking system after parking delay locking and sometimes doesn't lock at all (in which case I use the app to lock)? It's annoying to wait to see if the car will lock. Any way to speed up the auto-locking process?

High Beam Headlights​

Use the high beam headlight button on the left side of the steering yoke to control the headlights:
  • Press and quickly release to flash high beam headlights.
  • Press and hold to turn on high beam headlights - the instrument panel displays a brief timer and you must hold for the duration of the timer to latch the high beam headlights to the on position. When headlights are on, press the button a second time to turn them off.
Closeup of high beam button on steering yoke.
Auto High Beam (if equipped)
The high beam headlights can automatically switch to low beam when there is light detected in front of Model S (for example, from an oncoming vehicle). To turn this feature on or off, touch Controls > Lights > Auto High Beam. Your chosen setting is retained until you manually change it.
When you touch or press the high beam headlight button on the left side of the steering yoke, the touchscreen displays an abbreviated lights menu to provide quick access to control headlights, fog lights (if equipped), and the Auto High Beam setting. Use the touchscreen to choose options from this menu.
Auto High Beam is automatically enabled when Autosteer is engaged. To switch to low beam headlights, press the high beam headlight button on the steering yoke. Auto High Beam is re-enabled every time Autosteer is activated.
The following indicator lights are visible on the instrument panel to show the status of the headlights:
A green circular shape with five horizontal, slanted lines coming out of it
Low beam headlights are on.
A blue circular shape with five horizontal lines coming out of it
High beam headlights are on. Illuminates when high beams are on but the Auto High Beamsetting is turned off or if the Auto High Beam setting is turned on but is temporarily unavailable.
A blue circular shape with an A in the middle and five horizontal lines coming out of it
High beams are currently turned on, and Auto High Beam is ready to turn off the high beams if light is detected in front of Model S.
A gray circular shape with an A in the middle and five horizontal lines coming out of it
High beams are temporarily turned off because Auto High Beam is operating and light is detected in front of Model S. When light is no longer detected, high beam headlights automatically turn back on.

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Question of the day [ should I leave my tesla in the garage while my house is tented for termites?]

Looks like I am going to have my house and garage tented for Termites. 2 day process. Should I leave my Tesla Model 3 (Vegan seats) in the garage or park it outside during this process? I don't want to 'funk up" my Tesla interior or impinge on the cabin filters or whatnot. Opinions?

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Calibration in Minnesota winter

I just picked up my new MYLR during a very snowy day yesterday. Wondering if any of you have experience and suggestions on how to successfully calibrate the cameras in challenging conditions. The roads are now snow covered and thus don’t show lane lines in many places. Also any tips on keeping cameras relatively clear during snowy conditions and sloppy roads would be great to learn. Thanks folks 👍🏽


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