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excessive use of data

Recently, I installed a portable WiFi 4G router in in my S model to get faster updates to map data. I have noticed that in couple of hours, the 50Gb data limit was consumed. I made sure all my sharing of data is switched off. There was not software update going on at any time also I made sure that the maps are not being displayed in real time., just the data kept on being consumed at a very high rate. What could be the problem?

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Make Homelink CLOSE a priority over MYQ

I have both HomeLink and MyQ in my MYP. Ideally I'd like for HomeLink to auto CLOSE my garage door and MyQ to auto open it. I dont think that auto combo is possible due to testing. I hate waiting for the beeps to stop before the door closes with MyQ. My problem is when back out the "CLOSE" option that is available by default is the MyQ. Is there a way to set what device is a priorty?

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I've been the lone owner of a 2018 Model S. I've never, ever seen the battery tick up -even one mile- in braking. You'd think maybe just after you slip from 50 to 49 miles then brake a while down a long exit ramp, for example, I'd see something occur at some point. Nope. Never ever.

This is true regardless of how full the battery is or the outside temp, meaning it doesn't occur in any conditions.

Is that pretty much what everyone sees?

Please tell me yes.

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west los angeles body shop SELF-PAID

unfortunately, my hitech car decided not to alert me to a low concrete barrier as I backed out and thus ended up hitting my front and front-side badly (also the light). probably $3k to $5k in damage. I don't understand why a hi-tech car with 359 cameras on it could neither alert me nor stop before I drove into it.

I plan to pay for the repairs myself. are there any good west los angeles body shops that quote me not as a "milk-the-insurance" customer? although I have the standard model 3 in white, I presume body shops don't have easy access to recycled parts from rear-ended vehicles, as I would be ok with those, too.

does anyone have a good recommendation?

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Track Pads

Hi sorry for repeating thisquestions that may have already been answered but wanted to get the latest updates.

There any track pads that don’t squeal like a banshee. I’ve had g-loc r-10’s and ohh my they squeal. My buddy had carbotech xp-12 and a little less squealing but they also have fitment issues at times. Any other recommendations for an effective track pad without the squeak. If not what are some other quality pads that don’t break the bank?

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Tint a new windshield before replacement installation?


I am new to the EV world and purchased a 2020 Tesla Model X LR+ to use for work travel and daily driving. Travel with this car will include 9+ hour trips to LA, 3hour to SF and multi-8 hour trips a few times a year.

I have already tinted everything with IR except the windshield... not a new topic.

However, I can convince a local installer to put Tint on a new windshield prior to installation. Did anyone try this?

Thanks for the info and knowledge this membership can provide in advance.

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Snow, Ice, and regenerative braking

Yesterday (Nov 26th,2023) was the first time that I was out driving with the temperature dropping and rain/sleet/snow falling. I was on an interstate, in Omaha, and when passing under an overpass I would have to take my foot off the accelerator because traffic was slowing down, and each time I did the car would lose traction for second or two and I would feel the car start to swerve just a little. I think it was the fact that my battery was near 50% so regen was probably fully enabled that caused the regen braking to be so dramatic.

This problem was not limited to me, or just electric cars. As I drove I saw a number of cars/trucks that had hit the concrete divider wall between the different lanes of travel because they had lost control. I few I saw as it was happening. I noticed that underpasses were where the really 'slick' spots were, as letting off the accelerator on the open road didn't make my Model Y swerve, even slightly. But letting off the accelerator while under an overpass caused a noticeable momentary steering loss.

I know at one time you could set the amount of regen braking but I think originally my cars software had removed that option. Is that option still there or been added back, and would it help prevent the tires from skidding when you took your foot off the gas? As I said, letting my foot off the gas when I wasn't under an overpass didn't cause the loss of traction.
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Drive stalk CAN bus id

Hello all,

I'm currently trying to read from the CAN console connector (located behind the front seats) the drive stalk position.
The purpose is to integrate a gate opener system (microcontroller + RF) which would detect when the drive stalk is long pressed down, and send a signal to open my gate.

To do so, I bought a model 3 CAN adapter and sniffed the CAN messages while pressing down the drive stalk. The ~5 seconds capture 8k+ CAN messages with tons of different IDs.
So it looks like checking manually each ID is not the right way. Moreover if the data is not even recorded (wrong CAN bus, see 1st question).

I have 2 questions in mind :
- Considering the model 3 may have several CAN busses (read here: Tesla CAN Bus - Tinkla: Tinkering with Tesla), which would be the one to look on ?
- Once the CAN bus (on which the data is on) is known, where physically in the vehicle, and on which pins the CAN bus can be read ?
- Any knownledge about which CAN ID corresponds to the drive stalk position ? The Git repos I found on GitHub do not seem to have it recorded.

I could not find some relevant info about those points.

Thanks !

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Reducing battery drain on the track

How quickly is the battery draining for y'all when doing HDPE? The last time I went there was one 20 min session when I lost 20%! (I may have been going too ham though lol) Thankfully there's a (single) 50A outlet at the track to charge with, but it definitely isn't fast enough to keep me eventually reaching close to 0%. The nearest supercharger is like 40 mins away unfortunately.

Wondering if I should go in chill mode so that I dont have to skip 1-2 sessions in the day to charge, though I saw someone here mention that it didn't reduce battery draw that much on the track.

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Charge port latch stuck

I had a problem for the last two weeks that I had to click "cable disconnect" at least twice to be able to pul the cable out. Because it just started to happen after the update, i thought this was a temporary bug.
Yesterday, i was unable to put the plug in! Only for the first 2 cm. Looking with the flashlight, i found that the left pin for cable fixation was still out. I used a small screwdriver, and put a little silicon spray on, and used a manual release. Now it works like new.
Just posting this in case anybody has similar issues.


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Model Y does not unlock automatically after sentry mode events

My wife and I use the walk-away door locks, and the car normally unlocks as we approach it with our phone keys. This worked flawlessly on our 2020 Model Y which we traded in for a 2023 Model Y in early August.. It also worked flawlessly on our 2023 Model Y for almost three months. We were therefore surprised when the new car started failing to unlock automatically after it had detected a sentry mode event. We first saw this behavior in the mid-October time frame, and we have had that experience at least 5 times since then. In those cases, we are forced to use a key-card or to use our Tesla app to unlock the car.

This leaves us wondering:
- Is this a "new feature" with a purpose?
- Is it a "software glitch" or a "software configuration" problem?
- Is there something wrong with the car?
- Is there something wrong with both of our phones? (They are both Google Pixel 5 phones, so Google could have made a software change.)

The only thing we know is: that this issue is inconvenient for us ... especially in cold weather since gloves have to come off to use the phone app or key card.

When it comes to troubleshooting: I've reviewed the car's "settings", removed and readded the phone keys, rebooted the car and the phones with my fingers crossed. That has not helped. We are hoping we can find a remedy for this issue. Worst case, we plan to disable sentry mode.

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Model Y from the U.S. to Ireland

I recently brought my Model Y Tesla from the U.S. to a Ireland and I am having a HARD time finding an adapter to use with chargers on the road and also an adapter for my EU wall charger. The first two are my car and the third is the wall charger. The next one are the chargers in my town. Please help as I feel like I have a chain attached to me and can go so far. Before you ask why did I bring my car, I paid 75,000 for my 2022 when prices were very high and I did not have to pay tax when I relocated home. I am about to start I a new job that I have to drive everyday for an hour each way so this is URGENT. I have spent so much money on adapters that don’t work. I have also been to Tesla in Dublin, Ireland and they at least helped with a slow charger but of course all of the adapters are after market so they are careful with how much help they provide.


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What does the Wall Connector do exactly ?

It's common knowledge that Wall Connector is the device standing between the circuit breaker (240V , N amps) and the battery charger inside the car.
The Wall Connector does not charge the car battery.
Does anyone know what else the Wall Connector exactly do during charging ?
From this forum, it seems like it monitor how many kWh are consumed for a charging session, (this value is slightly more than what the car reports)
Does it also monitor the current fluctuation, the wires temperature and automatically stops charging (or lower the charging current) to avoid an electrical catastrophe ?
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Unable to remove rear door puddles on 2023 Model Y (Both rear doors)

Hello Friends,
I have 2023 Model Y and wanted replace puddle lights on all 4. I was able to replace both the front door puddle lights and it was pretty easy.
For some reason, I was not able to remove both rear door puddle lights. I tried to use the same screw driver I used for front doors and also the trim removal tool but no help.
Didn't want to push too hard as I felt the lights may break.

Any recommendation for this ?

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Model Y LR c Tow Hitch for Bicycle Rack in USA

Planning to purchase a MY LR 19" with tow hitch for a bicycle rack for two touring bikes. Questions for anyone for help:
1. What is the Rear camera view with bicycles on the rack (picture)?
2. What is the obstruction to the rear camera view, the rear sensors and the rear view mirror?
3. What is the obstruction by the bicycles to the rear brake and turn signals to vehicles behind?
4. Is there a bicycle rack or modification to a bicycle rack to place brake/turn signal lights on the rear of the rack?
I would prefer to haul the secured bikes in the interior as we have done for the last 20+ years in our Honda Odyssey, but the Model Y appears to have the largest opening yet can not accommodate two bicycles, front wheels off, upright securely. Any advice (except forget the bike) and experience will be thoroughly appreciated.


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