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mobiele toegang

In software versie 2023.38.9 heb je de mogelijkheid om mobiele toegang via de app aan of uit te zetten. Ik heb daar wat mee zitten spelen, maar uiteindelijk besloten dat "aan" veel handiger is.


De tesla onthoudt niet dat hij weer mobiele toegang moet geven. Een reboot van de auto lost niks op. Zodra je buiten bluetooth bereik komt is de app niet meer actief...

Mijn tip: Doe niet als ik en blijf van deze functie af.

Unlock without starting HVAC/Radio

Just got my Model Y last weekend. Today when I was putting things inside the car and install new mudflaps, every time I would open the door, it would start the radio and HVAC and then I would hear it run for about 30 minute while I was outside of the car putting the mudflaps on.

Is there a way to simply open the door or trunk without any of that turning on. It used about 4% power throughout the afternoon with doing this.

I did not see anything specific about this in the manual/google with a quick search but hoping its something easy.

Model 3 with FSD on Road Trip

We finally decided to take the model 3 on a road trip this year instead of the wife's SUV and I was really impressed with how well the car performed on a trip from Norfolk, VA to Orlando, FL and back. I had always been a bit skeptical of taking the car on long distance journeys but after talking to some people on the forum about optimizing charging I figured I'd give it a try.

The supercharger network was great, we didn't have to wait for a charging stall at any point and were able to use 250 kW stations almost exclusively resulting in most stops being 10-20 minutes every 2 hours or so. This was perfect since I had a senior citizen and elementary age child with me. The built in NAV took us to all of our destinations accurately and the Spotify app made for easy driving and great music with no commercials. The car was relatively efficient averaging 280 kw/mi on the 18" aero wheels (no covers they are just too ugly) going 75-80mph for most of the trip and the first 500 miles in hard rain. The only time the NAV underestimated our SOC at arrival was during the heavy rain, aside from that it was within 1-2% which I thought was great.

I have grumbled about FSD a lot when used around town but I have to say it was spectacular on the interstate. I went for over an hour multiple times without having to engage on I95 in NC, SC, GA,and FL (and this was Thankgiving week traffic). I just toggled the volume scroll wheel back and forth to let the car know I was still there and let the computer do the driving for me. There were a couple of lane changes that weren't exactly the way I'd do it but nothing egregiously bad where the car cut someone off or anything. If I had maybe two phantom braking incidents where I am pretty sure the car thought the speed limit was dropping, but thankfully nobody was right behind me when it happened.

I think this may be the new road tripper as long as we don't need extra storage/ground clearance or are heading out to the sticks somewhere that charging may be an issue.

Poor Windscreen Replacement


Unfortunately had to replace my windscreen today through Autoglass as it had a crack in the middle from a lorry driving past. Upon collection I've noticed they damaged the centre mirror trim and the bottom of the windscreen is not clipped in properly. I've raised this with them but I don't have much hope in them putting it right given they aren't Tesla and managed to mess up what I thought would be a simple job.

Does anyone know how the windscreen should be clipped in? I'm hopeful I can get the insurance to have Tesla replace the glass and avoid Autoglass going forward as I'm worried it'll be leaking now, but in the mean time if I could clip it in properly then I'll be covered rain wise.



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What are the chances ?

Last week my windscreen was hit by a stone that left a mark. Contacted Autoglass to get it repaired, but there was some confusion They were convinced I had a model Y, I was even more certain it’s a model 3. Turns out I transposed two letters of the registration on the contact from, so instead of AB23CDE (my made up registration), I’d entered AB23DCE. What are the chances of a simple transposition leading to the same make of vehicle?

The worst part is that the mark isn‘t deep enough for them to do anything so I’ll just have to live with it ☹️

Snow tires?

Well, we (my new MY and I) just experienced our first snowfall together. Given it has 4W drive and is a heavy beast, I was expecting no problems. However, it didn't grip the road as well as I'd expected and slid a bit when I turned onto my street at 90 mph (just kiddin'). But I was a bit disappointed. I'm in upper NYS and haven't really needed snow tires before. It has whatever the 19" stock tires are and it was a bit icy too, so I may be jumping the snowbank, so to speak.

Have folks in areas with heavy snow found a real need for snow tires on their Teslas?

TIA - Richard

Model 3 highland Australian - review with buttons for gears!

First time noticed the Australian Model 3 Highland with buttons near spotlights for P, R, and D. It is not modified as the reviewer clearly said Tesla had given this for review. Is this because of any local regulation that you have to have buttons, or levers for gear changes? Not aware of any?

The demo starts around 3.26.

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When will Berkshire Hathaway buy TSLA?

https://www.thestreet.com/tesla/news/is-warren-buffett-secretly-buying-tsla-stock-berkshire-hathaway It is possible that they already have.

Assuming they have not:

Following Munger passing away, the following could be true:
  1. Munger was against the purchase freeing Buffett to go ahead
  2. Buffett was against the purchase but could buy in Munger's honour
  3. Both were against but Buffett can now buy without loss of pride
  4. Buffett hands over more powers to his colleagues in the near term who could buy TSLA

Climate control verwarmt niet

De eerste natte sneeuw is vannacht gevallen bij ons in het oosten.
Ik dacht vanochtend heerlijk in een voorverwarmde te stappen, maar ik kreeg de melding "Climate control aan mislukt".
Oke, dat kan. Daarna met de auto op pad gegaan, maar ik kwam er al snel achter dat er alleen maar koude lucht uit de roosters kwam.
Gelukkig deed de stoelverwarming het wel, maar de hele tijd alleen maar koude lucht en geen warmte in de auto.

Hebben meer mensen dat wel eens gehad??
En nog belangrijker, ideeen of oplossingen voor dit probleem?
Ik heb al een service verzoek ingediend.

Supercharger - El Monte, CA (under construction Nov 2023, V3 stalls)

Found the El Monte SC site that has been listed on the Tesla SC page for a while. Projected Q4 2023 opening as of now. Green fences have been up for over a month now but Tesla equipment didn't show up until earlier this week. A pin drop lists the address as 3828 Peck Rd, El Monte, CA 91732. The work is being done along the south side of the shopping center (along Ramona Blvd.) Looks like the actual SC posts will be on the far southwest corner of the center.


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Toolbox 3 setting up computer before starting subscription

Recently helped @mr_hyde to setup toolbox 3 to diag a 2014 MS with the most economical 1 day subscription. Seems like most first timers spend quite awhile dealing with computer IT/connection issues. 1 day subscription could even expires before even getting proper connection to the car working. Here is a quick summary how to set up connection before before starting subscription.

Toolbox 3 is server based. This means the entire diagnostic software is running on Tesla server with Chrome web browser as interface. Very different from traditional car diagnostic tools.

Diagnostic Hardware Interface

Tesla keeps on changing these with each new car model. Here is a summary on page 4. Some of these are cheap ($50 on Amazon for the 2014 MS) while others are quite expensive (21-22 MS/X Powered Media Converter Box)

Configuring Computer and Test Connection to car

On this 2014 MCU2 car with a Mac, here is a good video

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General steps are as follows
  • Setup a ethernet connection to the car and view its internal diagnostic webserver (presumably running on MCU CPU) at This is just like using a specific url address and port number (the 8080) to access say a router or network printer administrative server page. This step confirm your computer is talking to the Tesla properly through the hardware diagnostic cable.
  • Enable unsecured content to properly communicate with toolbox server over the internet
I don't really know how macOS knows to route to the ethernet dongle and toolbox.tesla.com over internet connection but it works on macOS. For Windows, may need extra steps to ensure this dual network connection works (saw some info online but didn't end up using windows)

Unfortunately, Tesla seems to have removed the server at with recent firmware ( link ) so will probably get 404 not found instead. To test, make sure
  • Get 404 not found at (this confirm computer is talking to the Tesla properly via diagnostic interface cable)
  • Make sure can connect to internet by hitting a website

For MCU1 cars, I think need to run a proxy windows app. This car was MCU2 so didn't need to do this step.

Enable Unsecured Content on Chrome

This is a must (above video shows how to but its already enabled so didn't show the actual transition). Without this, get some kind of ODIN failure message trying to connect to Tesla's toolbox server. Test it with a unsecured content website to confirm setup properly. I use a unsecured content Chinese headunit firmware server as test

enabling/disabling unsecure content wasn't straight forward. We would enable unsecure content for toolbox.tesla.com but hitting the website would still show a lock icon instead "Unsecured Content" to the left of the url. Eventually it worked and not sure how (tried some closing and opening new tabs but not sure that was the solution). But it is a must you need to see Not Secured to the left of url to work properly.

Subscribe Toolbox 3

After everything above works, IT/computer issues should be solved. Then pay for your subscription and hopefully spend most of the subscription time using toolbox rather than fighting IT issues.

Successful Connection

Looks like this

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Remote Desktop

If know someone who knows how to setup toolbox (or more IT savoy) can use a remote desktop solution (@mr_hyde and I used free realvnc) for them to drive your computer to setup :)

Of course this requires keeping internet connection alive during the process for remote desktop. Might be a challenge if Windows present too much roadblock trying to setup 2x network connections (1 to car, 1 to internet)

Errors - power reduced, vehicle is free rolling, unable to apply parking brake

2019 Model 3 Performance

I was driving this morning and everything was fine. I then got an error saying power reduced, and that power may return after parking and starting a new drive. I was unable to stop on that road so I kept going.

A few minutes later, it lit up like a christmas tree. I got about 10 different errors all at once. "Vehicle is free rolling", "service required", "vehicle may not restart", "unable to apply parking brake". The PRND indicators were all grey which suggests that it was not in gear. Pressing the parking brake button did nothing and it kept rolling. The indicators also would not work - pushing the stalk did nothing.

By sheer luck I was in a carpark and managed to roll into an empty spot. I rebooted using the two steering wheel buttons. After rebooting, I got it to go back into gear again. It seemed okay at first, but after about 30 seconds of driving the errors came back again. At least this time I was able to park it properly and put it in P.

I've logged a service job but am still waiting for a response. Has anyone had experience with this before? What could be the possible causes?
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New 2023 Model X

I have a 1 week old 2023 Model X that is inconsistently producing popping/snapping noises sounding as if coming someplace behind the front row, on both the driver’s side and passenger side. It happens periodically when driving or not moving while in Park, with the radio on or lowered.

I had it at the dealership and 2 service people heard the noises coming from both sides of the car. Left the car there. A certified technician went over the car, checking the suspension, door alignment, and his conclusion was that these noises are normal for this generation teslas.

I’m at a loss. What should be my next step?

This is my first post. I hope I did this correctly.

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Keep 2016.5 90D or move to 2023 LR?

Keep 2016.5 90D or move to 2023 LR?

  • Keep 2016.5

    Votes: 9 47.4%
  • Buy 2023 LR

    Votes: 8 42.1%
  • It depends… (comments welcome)

    Votes: 2 10.5%

Hello Hive Mind,

So: I have a 2016.5 (refresh, but still AP1) Model S with sunroof, rear jump seats, basic audio, and basic suspension. Includes free unlimited supercharging. Love it.


Sat in a ‘23 Model S at my SC over the weekend and… wow.

Blink reaction: Keep my gal or upgrade?!

I want a proper grill guard for the Model Y

I know Tsportline has a brush guard, but it's 20 lbs, doesn't go up nearly high enough, doesn't cover quite the width it should, wouldn't do squat versus a deer, and has a bit of a janky method of attachment.

No, I want something heavier duty. Any ideas for companies that might supply one? Otherwise, I'm thinking I'll just go to a local metal fabricator/welder and have them put something together to my specs. Use the tow hook spot. Weld in another tow hook spot on the opposite side. Cut bigger holes in the bumper. Bolt in some square tubing or brackets coming out. And go on from there. That would keep the crash absorbtion and boost
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Supercharger - Abilene, TX

TDLR Posting for a Supercharger at the Target in Abilene, TX.

Finally getting a Supercharger in my hometown, yay!

On US-84/US-83 and close to US-277. A little far off from I-20 but it isn't bad.

3710 Ridgemont Dr
Abilene, TX 79606

Do new Tesla Model S's still have the camber / tire issue?

I have owned a Model 3 Perf for the past 5 years. I am considering selling it and buying a new Model S. I saw a video on Youtube posted by the Model S owner who has experienced the camber problem that causes the interior wall of his tires to prematurely wear out every 5,000 miles.

Is this still an issue on the newest Model S? If I buy a Model S, would I have to buy a set of new tires every 5,000 miles? If this is still an ongoing issue, I will not buy the Model S and will instead wait for the new Highland Model 3 Performance to come out.

Any info on this camber - tire question is appreciated.



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