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Has tesla de-activated radar on my model 3

I have an early 2021 model 3 with radar. I have noticed with software update 2022.40.4.2 if I am on autopilot on a dark dual carriageway with no cars in front of me but cars travelling the other way so the headlights are on dip the car wants to slow to 40mph ish! and comes with the warning. slowing down because of tesla vision (or some word similar to this). I've done 20k miles in this car and this has never happened before. This sucks and is dangerous have tesla removed the use of radar?
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Tesla says it is adding radar in its cars next month amid self-driving suite concerns

This is from Electrek. Very interesting. Basically, those headlight housings from the new Model 3 spy photos may have the HD Radar on it. Don't know what this means for anyone taking deliveries this month since the new radars will not be ready until January 15th.

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Delivery Day Dec. 6, 2023. The Good, The Bad

Spoiler Alert... it was mostly all good. ;)

Picked up today at Naperville/Lisle, IL. MYLR5, no Tow, No FSD, 19" Gemini, Wt./Blk Y.

Got the $3,750 credit applied. Had a larger Bank check printed last week before the credit news and had to have it re-made at the bank for the lesser amount. One somewhat comical hour there as the bank personnel had never swapped out a cashier's check before and had to call another bank to ask how it could be done. :rolleyes:

This morning a very long automated text came explaining the delivery would be totally touchless, with documents in car, instructions to pair everything ourselves and the location of the black metal box on the building to drop the signed paperwork in as we would drive away. That text must have been a holdover from 2020/2021 because none of that happened or was necessary. Nothing was "touchless." Good old-fashioned real people explaning how everything worked; 100% personal service -- the way it should be! :) But this took a while. Good thing they weren't super busy today. The registration had to be corrected twice for various reasons. With all the paperwork signed, check passed over the counter, pairing of phones and cards completed, it was time to get comfortable with basic commands and screen functions and to take it home.

Ordered April 19th.
Freemont car, 2023. 607xxx, indicating ~Nov. 20th build date. Same VIN as expected.
Most cars on the lot were Freemont. Only spotted one Austin.
Back deck cover
New inner door panels
Pedals dark rubber
New cameras? I don't know.
None of the doors were difficult to open or close.
Was charged to 89% at pickup.
Not matrix headlights. Regular headlights at night not as bright as expected. The "fog lights," however, are the best I've had in any of my 10+ cars.
The included n/c floor carpets were way better than I had planned on! Quite surprised, really. WeatherTech Floor Liners will arrive when they introduce 2023 product. I can wait.

Had 17 miles on the odo (did someone test drive it?) The car was on the lot for about a week.
Comfort suspension? - don't know. The ride is still rather rough. Tires at 40-42psi.
Firmware update was last performed today! So I guess it is up-to-date.

Mailed off the Illinois Rebate an hour later.

I didn't notice any vision update for close objects at slow speeds (yet). Also today, the mobile connector bundle arrived, literally 5 minutes after the car did. What timing! Both 5-15 and 14-50 plugs were in the bag. This needs to be tested. The old L2 works OK at 245v 28A, yet slowly when the car is already at 83%. Trial SuperCharging is planned soon.

Car came without front mudflaps or rear door PPF. I will request these to be completed.

Couple of fitment issues. Misaligned back left tail light portion on the hatch.

and another rear lower right window trim mismatch

Other than those, it was super clean. Now to figure out how to send a service request on those items? Drinking a victory beer right now! 🍻

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Frunk opening randomly

I've seen that this topic has been discussed before, but a recent software update may be related to my problem. I've had my Model 3 for one month; had to have an airbag system module replaced after 3 days. Software was updated a few days ago; now version 2022.40.4.2. My Tesla iPhone app has shown the frunk open 2 times since the update. Fortunately the vehicle was parked both times, but this could be a real issue while driving. Since some of the related posts show this problem occurring under version 2022.36.2, it seems that software updates have failed to address the issue. I am quickly becoming disappointed with this car, which is too bad since there is so much to like about it otherwise. I suppose a service request is in order. The question is: does Tesla know exactly what is causing this event and what has to be done to fix it? Given past posts, apparently not.

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Faster the charge, the more damage?

A colleague went to SEMA, and he was told the super-fast battery charger for the Cobra deteriorates the battery by 4 miles every charge.
Is this true of Tesla? When I have time, should I drop my 32 amp home charging lower (when time permits) to protect battery life? Or at these levels of amps, there's no real issue?
Any thoughts on dropping amps permitted at Supercharging stations?

Police in Alma assessing if FSD involved in Tesla driver fatality

“At the time of the accident, which occurred around 8:40 a.m., the pavement on boulevard Maurice-Paradis was not smooth.”

2022 Model Y stops responding to all keys

My wife was out running errands yesterday and called me. She said the car won't start. Occasionally the Model Y won't connect to her phone and she thought this was just another one of those times. She used her Tesla keycard - which has never failed us. Although she could get into the car, the car would not recognize the keycard and allow her to drive off.

After a few minutes of repeated attempts, the car did eventually recognize the card and allowed her to drive home.

Once home in the garage I tried our keyfob on the car (we bought a keyfob for the Y after some issues with my wife's phone), and the keyfob was completely non-responsive. We could not unlock the car, pop the trunk nothing. I changed the battery in the fob to a fresh one - still nothing. Again, this is the first time the keyfob has not worked for us.

I also tried to use my phone and my keycard with the car and could confirm that neither one of them worked. I even rebooted the MCU with no success. After repeated attempts to get the car to start with the keycard, it finally recognized it and allowed me to drive.

This is stressful and has us not trusting the car. I'm at a loss here as to what's going on or how to prevent this in the future. Any ideas? Our car is a 2022 MYP with 8k miles.

Heating seats from the Tesla app

My Tesla app is at 4.15.1. Over the past few years I have been happy to use the app to pre-heat my Model 3 and the seats. I am, however, struggling to understand the litte “Heat/Auto” sub-menu that now comes up when trying to set a seat heater on. As far as I know, there is no manual for the app interface anywhere, so I am hoping that someone here can explain what clicking on “Heat” or “Auto” is supposed to do (assuming you can hit the right tiddly little button).

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2018 Model X Won’t Charge

I pulled up to a Tesla Supercharger and the car didn’t charge - the dashboard flashed duration times up to 7 hours to charge. I switched charging stations - same result. I rebooted several times - same result. (See attached pic, if possible)

Drive it to a Tesla Service Center in Westchester, NY, and have not heard back. The Tesla app still shows the state of charge that hadn’t changed.

Any thoughts?
Either way, thanks for reading this!🙂


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2022.44.2 and Sentry Mode Clip length

Supposedly a feature of software 2022.44.2 is:
  • Sentry Mode Clip Length, which allows users to specify the length of the clip when a potential threat is detected.
I’m not seeing this in my options under Controls - Safety - Sentry Mode. Do you? I‘m in a 2022 MYP.


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Expensing EV mileage UK

Hi, if anyone can help id be hugely grateful, iv seen a few similar threads but nothing that answers my query. I have recently picked up my model 3 (yay). It is my private car owned by me however, I do some business milage. Im the first at my company to have an EV and they dont no what to do.

I am aware i am entitled up to 45p per mile but after discussion earlier, work seem only willing to pay 8p per mile (I think they are getting confused with the rate for company owned cars but its a small company and them giving me 45p seems unlikely) - although they are also happy to pay supercharger costs with receipts if I deduct this milage from the rest of the claim.

I have a home charger and will always leave for trips on a full battery but when i go on a work trip, due to distance il need to supercharge on way and on the way back.

Is there a way of me being able to expense the supercharger costs immediately and then put in milage claims on the rest? Im thinking it would get quite complicated as Id be in effect receiving two rates.

Am I better just recording milage, accepting the 8p per mile rate from employer and claiming 37p back per mile from HMRC? I dont usually complete a tax return but it looks relatively simple if im not claiming above £2500.

For those TRULY expecting FSD to actually do what Elon has claimed it will do…anticipate more delays.

Elon Musk gambled big on Twitter. Tesla is going to pay the price.

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My new Model 3 didn't come with a charging cable. Where can I charge it temporarily?

My Model 3 was delivered today and I assumed that the charging cable would be somewhere in the boot or bonnet but I can't find it. Firstly am I right that all new Tesla's come with a standard cable?

Do any public charging points have their own charging cables and how do I locate them? Ideally I would like some charge for the next few days until I get my own cable.

Considering canceling my order. Rekindle the Tesla fire?

Have a bit of dilemma. Been planning on getting a Tesla for a few years after my current car dies. With the series of price hikes last year, got spooked and placed the order for a 7seater MYLR in July. Had a far fetched idea that 4680 battery would push range over 400 miles and make up for the cost/lack of luxury finishes. Currently says delivery in “Dec 2022” though no actual VIN yet. My current car drives fine but is 10ys old, 150k miles and guessing will have expensive repairs in upcoming years. Calculate will save about $3-4k annual saving charging over gas.

But over the last year have watched the car lose feature after feature. Beyond the chronic panel gaps/finish issues which don’t surprise anyone anymore. Now USS, LIDAR, exclusive supercharger access, even passenger lumbar support. With each loss of feature, seem to cone with several weeks of angst by customers, followed by gradual “acceptance” that the feature removal is “for their own good”. Test drove the car and was hard to ignore the plastics/amorphous seats/etc. lacked some “luxury” features my 14 year old acura has.

Realize this forum has a select group of like-minded people with similar perspective. But must not be the only person who is frustrated that this isn’t the amazing car they envisioned.

What am I missing?
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Gen 3 Tesla and Gen 3 J1772 Wall Connector Install Write up with Photos!

I've got a Tesla Model Y charging using the mobile connector at 32 amps + NEMA 14-50 and a Jeep Wrangler charging using a standard 120V outlet which used to require 12+ hours to fully charge. Felt that it is time to do a much needed upgrade. Originally the electrician quoted $3000 for the parts and labor to run it across the garage... I thought that was too much so decided to do it myself with the help of a family member. Note... I'm not a licensed electrician, this stuff can really hurt you if you don't know what you're doing.

Gen 3 wall connectors... 1 with Tesla plug and 1 with J1772 plug


This was configured as a 40A circuit off a 50A breaker. A new circuit was run using ~30' of 1/2" EMT conduit and 8 AWG cable from home depot from a new subpanel that the solar company installed in my garage. Some wiring from the solar circuit had to be modified to accommodate (new ground bar was added, not pictured). Also bought a conduit bender to do a few 90 degree bends.


Conduit and wire was run above the cars in the 2-car garage into the other side of the garage. Template from the wall connector was used to drill the mounting holes


Base plate mounted and the wires secured. This was 2x 8AWG hot cables (120v each) and a 10awg ground cable (green).


Lastly push the main body of the wall connector on secure the 4 screws and we're finished!


Jeep is happily charging using Tesla Wall connector :) I was also surprised that the quality of Tesla's J1772 connector is much, much better than even public charging stations and most of the J1772 connectors out there. Its very well made. This J1772 Wall connector can also charge your Tesla... if you use the J1772 to Tesla adapter that came with the car. I did just that, to test the current and charging speed lol.


Task # 2 : Replace NEMA 14-50 plug with Gen 3 wall connector (i always charged my MY using a wall connector at 32A)

NEMA 14-50 uses 2 hot, 1 neutral and 1 ground and since the Wall connector uses 2 hot and 1 ground, one of the wires wasn't needed.


I found that the electrician used a punch out located low in the existing panel, and my OCD self wanted the wall connector higher up the wall. Luckily, the Wall connector is to be installed in my garage right behind the breaker box so i just had to find a relatively safe place to punch a new hole, so i picked this spot about 12" higher (feel free to let me know if i completely chose the wrong spot).


A hole was drilled in my panel using a step drill


Also drilled a hole thru the drywall in my garage.


To be continued

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Article: Why the Tesla Semi will transform the trucking industry in North America

I wrote this article on my blog:

Why the Tesla Semi will transform the trucking industry in North America

I did a couple calculations about how the Tesla Semi compares with competing electric class 8 trucks that will be sold in North America:

I would be curious to know what people think of my calculations and my analysis of the Semi's advantages over the competition.

Is enhanced autopilot (2022) worth it?


I'm getting my Tesla model Y this month. Coming from a BMW 3-series with standard cruise control so have no idea what autopilot offers. Is enhanced autopilot worth adding? What are the main benefits of it that people here have used day to day?

My main interest is making sure I don't crash if I'm in a distracted driving scenario which happens more often than I'd like although I'm generally pretty good about it.

Also, the specific trade off I'm thinking is either 1) Add EAP or 2) Upgrade to Performance or obviously 3) Save some money with neither but don't see myself adding EAP and Performance.

Thanks for the feedback!

MY inventory stock

We currently have a M3 LR and looking to make the move to a MY as we need the extra space and wife likes the idea of a slightly higher riding car. There are loads of MY LRs in inventory / in stock via leasing brokers but is there anyway in checking whether any have USS / check VIN. She is concerned with not having this feature despite the forthcoming software update. Any pointers is greatly appreciated.

M3 Performance - Traction control on hard acceleration

I have a 2022 Model 3 performance, with Pirelli P Zero tyres. It's done around 1050 miles so tyres are all new still.

If the road is not 100% dry, if I floor the accelerator down from stopped, the traction control comes on almost all the time. The icon is displayed and it limits the acceleration for a few seconds. The only time it doesn't seem to come on when doing this is if it's 100% dry condition. Even then the traction control still comes on 10-20% of the time.

I'm on latest software version, all tyres 42 psi. Obstacle Aware acceleration is off

Is this normal ?


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