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    Security Issue? Log4j

    Tesla already mitigated this, but one of the ways it could be triggered was that Tesla logs the name of the phone the car is connected to, so you could have renamed your phone to the JNDI string. Also worked with the car's name and probably also with profile names and key names. The thing is...
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    Blog NTSA Asks Why Tesla Did Not Issue Recall Before Safety Updates

    I low key want NHTSA to hit Tesla with some BS so I can hopefully buy some more calls on the dip, but that would be a complete injustice.
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    Blog NTSA Asks Why Tesla Did Not Issue Recall Before Safety Updates

    There is no safety hazard. NHTSA is trying to say that lacking a feature no car on Earth had was somehow an issue with Teslas specifically. Tesla introduced the feature so it becomes a non-issue and NHTSA still has the UAW's gun in their back, so they have to make another outlandish claim.
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    2021.11.x Firmware

    I've definitely seen 11.103 chiming in from the big update earlier this week. While it certainly could be that the newest cars are in yet another hardware config that will need to be merged separately, I doubt it. Just to be clear, all cars ship with a factory firmware branch and the current...
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    When will my car get updates? Its been AGES already!

    I agree! My only remaining gripe is that it takes its sweet time speeding up again once the cars in front speed up, but I just give it some juice and it closes the gap and keeps it closed on its own after that. I've also noticed that it doesn't freak out about a random tiny hill on my...
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    2021.11.x Firmware

    Well, not with the "little bit" part. It took just over 10 weeks and 3 missed major releases. These threads were more of a support group than anything, we all knew it would get there eventually (I don't think I would have guessed 10 damn weeks though). Crowdsourcing information to manage...
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    Why my software version stays at 2021.3.106 52739250009a?

    The problem with all these sites is that they only pull data from their individual user groups. There is no universal data set and new owners are drastically underrepresented. We had a dozen people saying they had 2021.11.x for weeks before a single instance showed up on one of these sites.
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    Snippiness 2.0

    An asshat that never waited more than 5 weeks condescending to new owners that had waited 4 weeks that it could take up to 6 weeks when it actually took 10 weeks isn't exactly a useful post.
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    Software stuck on 2021.3.104, but Tesla thinks I am on 2021.4. How can this be?

    It's happening, all the long haulers I know from July 3.104 and 3.105 cars are getting it in the past hour.
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    Not getting any software updates??

    Just a coincidence, I got my update notification at 3:40PM EST today (25mins ago, still installing 32.21). I was 3.105 in a 3 from July 30th; texted the guy I know with a model Y on 3.104 that delivered almost two weeks prior to me and while I he was texting back he got the update notification.
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    Why my software version stays at 2021.3.106 52739250009a?

    I just got my update notification (32.21) at 3:40PM EST today. July 30th delivery 3.105 model 3 (US vision only)
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    When will my car get updates? Its been AGES already!

    No, several model Y and 3 owners with .3.104 and .105 have FSD and reporting they didn't get the update.
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    2021.11.x Firmware

    I see this on here a lot, you get update notifications over cellular, even without premium connectivity. Sure, to download the update you need wifi (not sure if premium connectivity will work), but you will know the update is available unless you both never take the car to a place with cell...
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    2021.11.x Firmware

    So you're at 1 week of ownership? I'm 100% sure you will not have the same wait as me and the other .3.104/105 gang since you're getting in on the tail in end of it (read the threads, vision-only/IC shortage cars have been islanded on factory firmware for months). I'm at over 8 weeks with a few...
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    Tesla releases big, new software update with Disney+, Car Wash Mode, remain connected to wifi, and more - 2021.24.x

    The updates missed me too. I'm into my 9th week with the car and it's still on factory 2021.3.105.

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