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    Charging Port Weirdness

    Thanks all. Mobile service appointment scheduled for this coming Thursday.
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    Charging Port Weirdness

    2019 S 100D (Pre-raven) with 38k miles on 2021.4.18.2 A few days ago, I went into a store and when I came out, my charging port door was open on my car. I initially thought someone messed with my car but there was no sentry recording/notification. The next day I unplugged my car in my driveway...
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    Update enables cabin camera for driver monitoring....I guess excluding models S & X?

    My quick take on FSD: First, my car came with the FSD package (new inventory purchase). I really like the current functionality and it works well for my needs. I am looking forward to the new FSD beta rollout as it looks very interesting. Now - would I pay $10k for what is currently offered...
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    Somebody upgrade MCU2 and lost free premium connectivity?

    That underline is missing some context - if you read the full sentence, it specifically mentions retrofits or upgrades required to establish network connectivity to the car. This would be something akin to needing to upgrade the cellular radio (e.g. 3G to LTE) which you would still need to pay...
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    2012 p85

    Welcome! With a 2012, I'd check wiring harnesses and grounds before jumping to replacing the speakers. I am sure someone here can provide more info.
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    FWDs have a mind of their own: Opening and closing at their leisure and at all hours.

    Screw the service center, get that sucker to a priest. Kidding... Any chance one of your fobs got wet and is shorting out? If not, it wouldn't shock me if one of the FWD switches is grounding out or something causing it to randomly activate.
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    Text Message Feature is Displaying Old Messages

    Based on what I can tell, in certain cases it will read random unread text messages regardless of how old they are. I would say to go and find those older text messages and either delete them or explicitly mark them as read. I recently synced my text messages from the cloud and it inadvertently...
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    Should Maximum Charge Be Changed Over Time

    Power consumption can be affected by a number of factors but most notably driving style, terrain, outside temperature, and HVAC use. Other things that can impact the power consumption are tire wear and over/under inflation of the tires. Much less likely, it's possible that there could be a...
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    Update enables cabin camera for driver monitoring....I guess excluding models S & X?

    I don't think the issue is the actual vision. I would argue that with the number of cameras available, a Tesla can "see" a lot more than humans can. The challenge is how to properly interpret what is being seen and how to react accordingly to it. Sometimes we as drivers just know or feel how to...
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    2020 Model XL rear-ended

    Wow glad you and your passengers are okay. To answer your questions: 1. Totaled - yeah pretty sure it will be. 2. Air bags - usually only deploy if one of the sensors is hit. 3. Thumb drive - should have the recording but not a guarantee
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    Tried an Model 3 with Autopilot. Autopilot, Seriously?

    To add to this, the car will need confirmation for a green light if no one is in front of you. If you are following a car and you approach a green light, the car will go through the intersection without requiring a prompt as you would expect. This is by design according to the documentation...
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    I traded in my Model S for a Prius Prime

    Lots of truth here. My journey towards EVs started with a 2nd Generation Chevy Volt that I would absolutely recommend. Great mix of EV range (~53 actual miles electric) and solid gas performance (~40 mpg). My only complaint is that it was a little small for a 5-passenger vehicle.
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    Free unlimited supercharging

    See my post (one right above yours). I suggest starting with your order/sales advisor (assuming you purchased directly from Tesla and not a third-party).
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    Rear Seat Emergency Door Release Cables

    Same - I had no idea. Now I have to go look for it. Edit: that video was very helpful.

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