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    Wh/mi consumption too high?

    Those numbers seem high, but hard to tell without knowing your driving conditions (elevations, draft etc...) and the way you drive. As mentioned above, if you try to beat every car next to you at every stop sign/light, then it's normal that you would end up with very high numbers. I would say...
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    Is Tesla Model Y worth purchasing now? Mi

    I don’t really have time to go through every car MSRP and compare it to carmax, but I did see a $55k 2020 Lexus RX450h. Didn’t get in the details so I’m not sure what options are on it, but the MSRP was starting around $47k according to the internet. My guess is that it’s probably very similar...
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    Is Tesla Model Y worth purchasing now? Mi

    This is a trend with all used cars, not just Teslas. The average used car price has skyrocketed in Q1 and Q2 of 2021 for the same reasons Tesla is removing features and struggling to deliver on their goals…
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    Is Tesla Model Y worth purchasing now? Mi

    There are a couple of scenarios to consider. Do you need a new car at this very moment? If you do, then the MY is probably one of your best options if you are looking for a compact EV SUV, I'd say go for it, despite the alarming trend with the changes you mentioned. If you can wait 6-18 months...
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    Yoke install

    As someone has said earlier in this thread, this seems to be overengineering just to be cool and different (nothing new with Tesla/Elon). If someone can tell me one functional advantage to this yoke on any car, please let me know. Everything I've seen so far is that it performs close to a...
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    Is my MYLR battery drain excessive

    That sounds about right. From what I've heard, Sentry mode can drain up to 10% every 24 hours. I've never done the test myself (I only use it every now and then when not at work or home). Checking the app a lot will have an effect on battery drain too, as well as using third party apps that ping...
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    How are referral code miles calculated?

    Thanks! I am doing a 1000+ mile road trip next week, so that should take care of my first set expiring on 7/22. I just wonder if at that point the remaining miles will revert back to 6 months after my friend got his (9/14/21) or stay at 1/22/22...
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    How are referral code miles calculated?

    Speaking of free supercharger miles, something weird happened to mine. I received my car on 1/22/21 and they came up right away showing they would expire on 7/22. Then a friend used my link and received the car on 3/14. My 1000 miles were added, cumulative to 2000, but now they show expiring on...
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    Passenger lumbar support missing from new MY

    My girlfriend set up the lumbar support to her liking in January when I got the car, and hasn’t touched it since then. I’m assuming that in Tesla’s data, it would show that it’s only been used once in almost 5 months. When it’s actually been appreciated for all that time. I don’t understand the...
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    Tesla EV Tax Credits coming back?

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    Passenger lumbar support missing from new MY

    Unfortunately there are too many people engrained in the Tesla/Elon cult, along with the $TSLA aspect of it. Bringing up lower weight because the lumbar control is gone, leading to better handling is flat-out ridiculous, hilarious, and sad, all at once.
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    Charging adapters for travel?

    Not sure what the situation is in Texas, but I don’t really see myself buying anything. Between supercharger and Volta, Blink etc + hotel chargers that are usually J1772, I don’t think I’ll really need anything for my road trips along the West Coast...
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    Passenger lumbar support missing from new MY

    It’s always harder to take something away than if it was never there in the first place. This is just an example of under-delivering, not the first one, not the last one. Car manufacturers have been adding features to their cars at no extra costs forever. By your logic, a $20k car shouldn’t have...
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    Curbed Rim Questions

    The sharpie got me through a few washes, but yes, the rust-oleum should be more permanent. I only did it a few weeks ago, but that’s the goal. There are a few other options of matte black paint that seem like they’d match too on Amazon. It worked for me and was the cheapest option, but if you’re...
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    Curbed Rim Questions

    I honestly wouldn’t bother. Wait until you’ve curbed it to the point you can’t take it anymore, it’s going to happen again... until then, I would use sharpie or rust-oleum matte black. That’s what I did. I don’t even think about it anymore...

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