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    Help - paper slipped into crevice where center console cover slides

    No, I never did figure out a way, short of ripping out the center console. The paper stopped making the crinkling sound when i opened the cover, so i just left it there. Good luck with yours - if you do find a way, please post!
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    new feature? passenger temp control auto-enabled when passenger sensed

    maybe I'm late to the game, but ever since the UI rewrite it seemed my passenger temp control would randomly appear and disappear (I typically keep it synced). then I started noticing the passenger one was only there when my wife was in the passenger seat, and since she's always fiddling with...
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    how long do Model S shocks last?

    So my kids have been complaining of getting car sick recently when in my car (front or rear seat). They never have before. I'm coming up on 4 years / 45k miles. I have noticed more body movement (pitch and roll) on windy undulating roads. So I'm wondering if my shocks are already shot? My...
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    Yay climate controls back on launcher on 2022.12.1

    We got our climate controls back on the app launcher strip with 2022.12.1! Looks like we can't get passenger seat heater but at least get options for the driver and defrost. These are way more useful to me than all the other apps.
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    Seat Heater Selection

    Agreed - would be nice if the seat heaters could be added to the menu of items that can be put on the bottom bar. I really don't use anything else on the screen other than music, rear view, and occasionally the browser. So I have plenty of room to add the seat heaters back in, and the...
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    Lucid Releases Video Foreshadowing Air's Crazy 1/4-Mile Acceleration

    And then where will you recharge when you get to San Fran? I've been holding off driving to see my mom outside of Philly because there's nowhere to charge near her. But Tesla is building a supercharger station about 2 miles away from her retirement community, so I can finally stop flying...
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    Yoke Steering

    Yes, but we got a whole lot for giving up the buttons, like a huge screen that can be configured, watch movies on, see a map, etc. What are you getting in return for having to learn a whole new way of steering your car?
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    FSD rewrite will go out on Oct 20 to limited beta

    Maybe my cameras just need to be realigned then (the car is clean, so it's not dirt). Just this morning I was merging from 147S to I-40W, easy onramp, driving manually (not on AP), with nothing in the right lane and an 18 wheeler parallel to me in the center lane. As I merged into the right...
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    FSD rewrite will go out on Oct 20 to limited beta

    Then someone needs to tell my car that. EAP always fails at highway merging and disengages for me.
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    FSD rewrite will go out on Oct 20 to limited beta

    Right, so my question is whether HW3+FSD Beta can do highway merges now. That would help determine if the car is sensor-limited or SW/CPU limited. I'm scheduled to get the HW3 upgrade in a few weeks, but I have no idea when I'll get the FSD SW since I'm not a Beta customer.
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    FSD rewrite will go out on Oct 20 to limited beta

    So how does the FSD beta and HW3 handle highway onramp/merging? This still sucks for me on HW2.5. My car never sees the one in the lane I'm trying to merge into, or sees a car two lanes over and thinks it's in the merge lane so doesn't merge. Either way it's a borked merge and I have to take...
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    No more new features on HW2.5 cars?

    Is it just me, or has it been a year+ since we have gotten any new car features (not counting games as car features)? I tripped across a glove box PIN control I've never seen before, but I don't know low long we've had it. Is all development now just for FSD?
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    Yoke Steering

    @omarsultan , after driving for several weeks, have you found any advantages of the yoke over the round wheel of your previous Teslas? We had to get used to several things on our Tesla's (one-pedal driving, touch screen everything), but they always have advantages that quickly outweigh the new...
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    Yoke Steering

    Maybe the yoke is limited to the sporty S, and the more practical X will have a wheel? I can see this impacting X sales more than S. I thought of another vehicle I've driven with a yoke - a go cart. And it had 1/2 turn lock-lock. Worked great. Like MT stated, they just need to amp up the...
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    Yoke Steering

    How is the yoke for driving in reverse, like backing into/out of a parking spot or parallel parking, when you are turned around looking behind you and not at the wheel? My state driver's manual states you're supposed to grab the top of the wheel when in reverse, so you can steer the car with...

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