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    Denied eMMC replacement - what to do?

    I agree that $1,500 to upgrade to a new MCU2 and LTE cellular is a fair price...it's about the price of your entry level "pro" laptop. However, this is where Tesla has evolved to over time. It was just months ago where the upgrade was $2,500 and no free offer to replace the failing eMMC chips...
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    Someone is out a lot of Batteries

    I saw that in the news and was wondering what the safer ways of storing lithium batteries would be. I've very curious about fire surpression as well. It seems like a little water might make things worse (from what I remember from Chemistry class...20+ years ago), but a lot of water is necessary.
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    Polyurethane Suspension Bushings - Quest

    I'd say it really depends on the part and the car. Sure installation can make a difference but I've found that some poly components can stiffen up the slop for a long time, while other poly components wear out faster than their rubber counterparts. Pretty much it's live and learn from people's...
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    Remember when Musk promised swapping batteries instead of charging?

    Bruce Banner might be able to but you'd have to piss him off first, though theft was never his MO... Seriously, I thought the battery-swap idea would have been the way to go during the Great Recession when there were lots of vacant commercial space and cheap land, but the business model would...
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    Hackers knock out the gird, which Generator to get instead of solar

    I'm not sure a backup generator in Irvine, Ca would be all that practical for what you're trying to achieve in charging your Tesla during a powergrid hack-attack. You'll also want to take note at the rate of output the generator can produce and whether or not you plan to power your entire house...
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    Why Lease a car?

    I think I get what you're saying and you're right. I suppose I'm conflating the ability to secure a vehicle to drive with one's long-term personal financial outlook.
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    Why Lease a car?

    Not to be obtuse but I'll push back on the principle of your statement that "leasing a vehicle allows them to drive a vehicle they would not be able to afford if they purchased it" If they couldn't afford it, they wouldn't be able to purchase it. Now if purchasing the vehicle would be too much...
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    Rear Seat Emergency Door Release Cables

    I do the same. Commonsense is not common and manufacturers build and design towards non-standard parts and systems if there is no regulation. The odds of a vehicle fire are very low, but I think it makes perfect practical sense to learn how to extricate oneself from a vehicle in an emergency...
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    2,250 mile road trip in my chargegated 85D

    I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit jealous about your S's charging ability and range. Our S85 has been all over the place in that regard with a calculated 100% range between 234-246 miles depending on the day and a random Supercharging sessions that might see a blip at 127kW with an...
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    Used Tesla - Vehicle Maintenance History

    I got the same response from the 3 different Tesla service agents and delivery agent I asked. I have no idea what work (if any) was performed to the vehicle before I bought it, but I can tell you in 2.5 years/45K miles it's had quite a bit done: 1) rear window defroster 2) TPMS system...
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    Supercharger - Big Sur CA (LIVE 24 May 2019, 8 Urban stalls)

    Thanks for setting the expectations and I hope folks can be understanding towards Ventana on this. It's a very secluded 5-star resort that values its privacy and its guests. I'm grateful that they allowed a SuC site on their property so I can easy drive our Tesla. Still, it would have been...
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    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    My range has been all over the place lately. The car can sit for days and gets Level 2 charged a few times a week. I've seen it yo-yo between 230 and 246 miles on the battery charging slider. 2 years/40K miles ago, 256mi was the consistent range when full (near full). The car still works...
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    Will an 8 year old Model S be almost worthless?

    I did the same. I bought a used 2013 S85 knowing that I could have a potential $20K repair a few years down the road should something catastrophic happen with the battery pack outside of the warranty. While even used, it was the most expensive car I've purchased but I needed a car that...
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    Warranty Adjustment Program – Touchscreen Component email - Wow - watch for it

    Technically, I believe just the Emmc is the issue that the extended warranty/recall covers. Leaky or yellowed screens are other issues with the MCU but don't appear to be covered by the warranty/recall. My case was a little different: I brought our 2013 MS85 in to have the daughterboard...
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    Drive unit or battery problem?

    Same codes and similar parts covered for our used 2013 S85 under warranty. Happened at 88K miles and they threw in a new 12V battery and HVAC drain hose just to make sure I'd be problem-free for longer.

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