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    HVAC: Low Current Pump Failure

    Drive it easy and you shouldn't have a problem. It takes a while to heat up the battery. There is not a lot of coolant volume outside of the ESS, so there is really minimal cooling taking place until the A/C kicks on for the cooldown cycle. The main purpose is to keep all the cellls at the same...
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    Help! Battery cooling pump will not turn off.

    There are a lot of variables for the pressure reading, but you should mention that there is a sight glass on the drier so that they fill it correctly. They might not see a lot of Roadsters. A total evac and recharge is not the best solution.
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    Help! Battery cooling pump will not turn off.

    Based on your pressure reading with the A/C on, you are low on refrigerant. It should read around 13-15 bar.
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    Help! Battery cooling pump will not turn off.

    A couple a questions that need to be answered first: Does your A/C work? Does the A/C come on when charging? What is the battery temp? 30c and above the pump will stay on. Is the coolant level full? I cant see the level in your pic.
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    Turning angle disabeling regen?

    The regen turns off when some rear wheel slippage occurs. So if you are going around a sharp corner fast while braking, the inside wheel might start to lock up and activate the ABS and disable regen. If you are not braking, I dont think the regen will turn off unless you hit some loose surface...
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    New Roadster owner

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    New Roadster owner

    That is the optional factory subwoofer located in the right rear wheel well, with a port that goes behind the drivers seat.
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    Dead Roaster - switchpack?

    The multifunction relay is not the Tesla switchpack module. I have seen it called a switchpack in lotus applications, but it is just a mechanical relay box. The Tesla switchpack is digital control module. The Roadster uses both.
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    Can anyone talk me into spending this much on me rotors?

    The EBC rotors rust a lot less than the stock ones. I only see slight rust if they get splashed directly with water. But the slots are the reason different rotors help in the initial breaking. The OEM drilled rotors just dont have a path for the contaminants to escape.
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    HVAC not cooling!

    Your pressure seems a little high. Are the fans working at full speed? They start on low and then kick on high around 15bar. If they are fine check the condensor for road debris. Look through the grill on the bumper at the bottom of the condensor. You can back flush it from the top past the fans...
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    Can anyone talk me into spending this much on me rotors?

    The USR1070 work great with the USR Yellowstuff pads. You just need a 4mm spacer on the front calipers. The slightly larger front rotor (308 mm) stops better than the lighter 2 piece ones (300mm) when using the same pad. And about 1/6 the price. By the pics, it looks like Gruber is using...
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    HVAC not cooling!

    Absolutely not! The dyes are mixed with oil and probably not compatible with an electric compressor. Adding extra oil always reduces efficiency, and the system is already weak. The best solution is not to evacuate and recharge the system, as you almost always lose a little oil when you take the...
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    HVAC not cooling!

    Any shop that does A/C should be able to handle it. You don't need to worry about the service mode and the solenoids unless you are evacuating it. Since you still have pressure in the system, all you need is a recharge, unless they find a leak. There is a sight glass on the drier to determine...
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    HVAC not cooling!

    You are low on refrigerant. Your pressures should be around 15 BAR when the compressor is on at that ambient temp. 35' C is nothing to worry about. Mid 40s and you can start to be alarmed.
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    VMS Help

    Here is a pic of the high voltage ESS disconnect (orange), located on the left rear of the ESS by the front of the left rear wheel. You might have to take the wheel well liner off to access that area unless you have small arms. The connector with the VMS power is on the bottom (black with red...

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