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    Creaking Steering on Model 3 - 21k

    @zhu- Funny you mention this, as I just had both upper control arms replaced and like you, the creak is back! I swear it was quiet for a day after that but the very next time I drove the car it was basically the same. I already stopped by the SC and scheduled a replacement of the passenger side...
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    Creaking Steering on Model 3 - 21k

    @zhu- what was the result of your visit?
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    Traveling by Supercharger can be more expensive than ICE

    this thread went on for a while after @MrMassTransit said the real reason. All of us are paying to subsidize the effects of ICE pollution.
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    Blog Tesla's Full Self-Driving Option Now Costs $10K

    At $10k it’s nearly a quarter the price I paid for my entire car that’s now 2 years old and already been superseded by the refreshed Model 3. o_O Then the idea I could pay $10k for a software option and then get in an accident where the car is totaled and have my insurance company NOT pay out...
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    Electrify America Strands Motorists

    I see the CCS networks still suck, even the new kid on the block. Some things never change.
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    VW ID.3

    Any links you'd recommend? I think it looks basically like a Golf except for the weird plastic hood bubble by the windshield. Can't unsee that once you notice it!
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    Will Elon give Autopilot free for 2018 or early 2019 buyers

    It's been said a million times, but once again: AP has never been free. The base price on 2019 models went up at the time AP became a standard feature.
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    MASTER THREAD: "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    Scroll up and read the last few comments on this very thread.
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    MASTER THREAD: "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    Half the price is not nearly worth the risk. If it were 10% I might consider it, but even then not sure.
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    TeslaMate [megathread]

    If I set this up on my home network, is the only issue that I can’t view the data from outside my house? It still basically live updates (or refreshes periodically) with no issue missing car trips or anything? I really don’t care about viewing the data outside my house anyway.
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    Coronavirus pandemic drives up gun payments

    Correction: Most Americans period are in favor of expanded background checks and waiting periods. It’s not a left/right issue. Neither of those present any sort of problem for someone who has a “legitimate” use, whether it’s hunting or personal protection. Only a minority on the right (and...
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    Dashcam Randomly Records-?

    Did you honk your horn at all?
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    Will Elon give Autopilot free for 2018 or early 2019 buyers

    That article is very odd as it ties the discount specifically to the retired LR RWD trim, which doesn't make any sense. The price of AP has no relation to trim level--either it came with your car or it didn't--and all trims have always had access to the same prices at the same time and still do...
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    Paint Quality & Fitment

    The paint quality on my white AWD Dec 2018 car is quite good. I was honestly surprised how good it is. No runs, drips, missing coats, etc that I could find anywhere. The plastic bumper covers aren't a dead match for the neighboring metal panels, but close. The panel gaps are all merely...
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    COVID-19 Impact on Tesla production?

    I think you missed the part where only one of these presidents called the entire thing a hoax, as he does with basically everything he doesn’t like. Only one has a track record of lying about everything, even objective facts that are easily proven. It’s was already too late by the time that...

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