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    Software update freezes at 80%

    I was on version 2020.36.10 the day before yesterday and had an overnight update. I went out to drive the car in the morning only to find that the screen was stuck at 80% update (after 12 hours or more overnight) and the car was un drivable. I eventually got it working by at least 2 hard reboots...
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    Vampire discharge

    Thanks everyone very helpful. I didn't think I needed to set the fixed time charge as I don't keep regular hours, however thinking about it, it's obviously a useful fall back if I'm away and easily over ridden by pressing charge on the phone. I have also turned off the sentry mode and will only...
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    Vampire discharge

    Looks like I need to set it to charge at a fixed time to resolve the issue. I hadn't thought about doing that as I normaly use the car everyday, just plug it in when I get home and by morning its charged. If I set it to charge at say 8pm and I don't get in till 9pm will it sit plugged in all...
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    Vampire discharge

    Ok so climate was not switched on but sentry mode was. I have 2 USB sticks one for music and one for sentry mode plugged in (surely a USB stick is not going to cause any significant drain is it?). Perhaps there's a setting that I'm not aware of that force it to do regular short charges once it...
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    Vampire discharge

    I've just been away for a holiday and on return noticed my M3P had almost completely discharged. I left it with about 240 miles and 10 days later it only had 47 miles. I left it plugged in all the time I was away. It wasn't a problem, but it might have been as I wasn't aware the drain was as...
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Does anyone have a list of new Superchargers installed over the last 6 months?
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    My experience has been that it always pays to have a plan B. It sounds like your route should be...

    My experience has been that it always pays to have a plan B. It sounds like your route should be very doable, but I would suggest aquanting yourself with the location of the near by Superchargers and other charging options in case of emergency like major road accident diversion or whatever.
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    Multiple warning messages keep going off

    I carried out the full shut down as described from inside the car, put my phone into airplane mode and waited for half an hour (read a book) didn't even leave the car or lock it. Seemed to fix it for a short period but it didn't last long. That afternoon I was slowly approaching some traffic...
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    Multiple warning messages keep going off

    @mswlogo - sorry I miss read that - thanks - will try the shut down and see how that goes. @RedModel3 - might be an option as you say I shouldn't have to wait till February
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    Multiple warning messages keep going off

    I have unplugged the Tesla USB used for Tesla cam and carried out a hard reboot in park mode (foot on break peddle and both steering wheel buttons depressed) as suggested (thanks) but sadly to no effect. I'm still getting many repeated warning messages as described above. Testing it out today I...
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    Multiple warning messages keep going off

    I've had a performance M3 for almost 4 months with no issues until the day before yesterday (12 Dec 19) when I suddenly started to get a lot of warning messages: Automatic emergency breaking is disabled Traction control disabled Stability control disabled Regenerative breaking disabled And...
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    UK charging

    I have just been on a 3 day trip around Kent – my first long distance multi day trip and several things became apparent that I had not considered: Firstly check and double check your options and have contingency plans. I was planning to charge at Maidstone and latter at Folkestone. But looking...
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    Model 3 burgler false alarm

    LOL I might be in the dog house if I set the car in dog mode whilst my wife was sat in the car :D
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    Model 3 burgler false alarm

    Thanks for that. Sounds like the just walk away feature is a non starter for me and probably many other people. I will turn it off right now.
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    Model 3 burgler false alarm

    We had the burglar alarm go off on our model 3 yesterday, has anyone else experienced that? It made a frightful noise and commotion for a minute or so and I'm trying to understand what caused it. I had tried to summon the car in a car park earlier but to no avail, there was some sort of...

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