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    Anyone made their Tesla create an income for them ?

    I was toying with the idea of Uber in my spare time. Not sure I can handle the general public on my nice white seats though!
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    Just because Teslas can (but beware the reputation)

    We've been judging books by their covers ever since and that's not about to change. I suspect the probability of boy racer types are more in the minority for Tesla than they are for other comparable priced manufacturers.
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    Does anyone wave anymore?

    I will reciprocate if I see another wave in time. I tend to only proactively wave if I see another M3 in the same colour as mine - mainly just an acknowledgement on how good their taste is!
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    EAP [enhanced autopilot] is back

    Frankly I wouldnt go for it even if it cost £500. Current software appears to be too buggy and that needs sorting first if they want more people to engage. Are they supposed to be FSD improvements ahead? Surely Tesla know how bad things are in their current state?
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    2020 Q4 collections: vehicle faults and snags.

    That's pretty poor. I would persist and possibly threaten to reject the car if you remain unhappy with it? You'll find Tesla may excuse some of the panel misalignment as 'within tolerance' which is not a valid excuse but just trying to manage your expectations!
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    Post lockdown drive

    Once lockdown is lifted, I plan on driving to the South of France. Ideally Easter would be nice, but think that may be premature based on the current state of affairs.
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    Battery Drain Overnight.

    Agreed. I noticed the same. Soon as I disabled sentry mode the drain dissipated. I now try to remember to turn on sentry mode overnight only and disable when I wake up. I’ve seen lots of calculations and what not but I don’t have TeslaFi so would be interested to see extent of difference when...
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    Dashcam ( M3 refresh with tesla thumb drive)

    YMMV but I took the supplied Tesla USB out shortly after collection. It seemed to record sentry footage but was unable to play it back. I've since swapped it for a Sandisk 120GB USB drive and it seems faultless so far. Worth trying a different USB, even if you have a spare one lying around...
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    Fellow car cleaning obsessives...

    I've never been a big fan of red, but somehow your picture manages to convince me otherwise. Looking superb. As a matter of interest how easy it was it to remove the dual motor wording?
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    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    Not a great collection experience for me with plenty wrong with the car. Misaligned frunk, driver door and boot (to the point it’s catching on the paint). No mudflaps although in my excitement i forgot to ask for them so perhaps that’s my fault. Scuffs on interior trim and also the window seam...
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    UK 2021 Refresh RHD Model 3 Accessories [megathread]

    ok thanks will check it out.
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    UK 2021 Refresh RHD Model 3 Accessories [megathread]

    Moderator comment - thread renamed from "Model 3 Refresh Accessories" For pre 2021 refresh and general RHD accessories, see also UK accessories for RHD Model 3 [megathread] Given that many folks have or are about to pick up refreshed model 3s this month can anyone pull together a good list of...
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    Tesla Bank transfer request

    Cheers Sugei, I'll bear in mind with my trade-in.
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    Tesla Bank transfer request

    That's pretty poor to hear about the trade-in dropping. I'm half-expecting it on mine and I think I've done about 200 miles since my trade-in quote. I've deliberately tried to keep the miles low knowing that they would try and knock me down on it but I guess the time doesn't help. I've also...
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    Tesla Bank transfer request

    All good then. I've sent Tesla my settlement letter but it didn't appear to make any difference to the invoice. Anyway, it sounds like you're in a similar timescale to me. I do wish their payment process wasn't so clunky.

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