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  1. KArnold

    Sitting Idle - Plugged In

    I just returned from a 3-week trip to Uganda. My 7-month old MS100D sat idle during that time plugged into my garage Nema 14-50, in the garage, with max SOC set to 75%. Ambient temps were 20's and 30's. Upon return I'm getting the "12v Battery needs service, replace". Email' d the local SC to...
  2. de704

    Which battery powers the trunk 12 Volt plug?

    Hello All, I have a few questions about the 12-Volt plugs in the Model X. I believe the 12-Volt plug in the trunk of the Model X is powered by the main battery but I want to double check. Does anyone know if it is for sure? Can both 12-volt plugs (Trunk & cigarette lighter) be used at the same...