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  1. A

    2018 Model X with Enhanced Autopilot should I upgrade from 2.5 to 3.0 hardware.

    Hi All, I have an 2018 Model X with Enhanced Autopilot and I debating if I should upgrade hardware from 2.5 to 3.0 - what will I get if I do that other than $1000 out of my pocket. Did anyone do it? Does it make sense to see if 4.0 comes out. FSD upgrade for me is $6000 so there is also that...
  2. T

    Hardware 2.5 to 3 in LA?

    Picked up my SR+ June 2019 SoCal/LA. I initially received an email that I was able to come in to upgrade my hardware but it was cancelled a week before the set appointment. This was all before the Covid lockdown. I've tried scheduling on my own a few times after that but no luck. Anyone else...
  3. W

    Anyone use a Lotus soft top roof on this Roadster

    Whoops! Title should read : " Has anyone used a Lotus soft top roof on their Roadster" I have a 2011 Roadster Sport 2.5 and am in need of a new soft top for it. It has been my understanding that the soft top was one of the few shared parts with the Lotus Elise but the Lotus parts supplier I...
  4. matt_in_ca

    2011 Roadster 2.5 Sport with DC Quick Charging (CHAdeMO)

    2011 Tesla Roadster 2.5 Sport with Fast Charging capabilities! 0-60 in 3.7 seconds, go-kart "Sport" model handling, and fast ~30 min. recharging will make this the most exciting supercar you'll ever drive! In absolutely meticulous condition. Typical Roadsters aren't compatible with Tesla's...
  5. R

    Looking to buy a Tesla Roadster 2.5 (low milage)...please contact

    Hi: I am very interested in buying a Tesla 2.5 Roadster. Looking for a low milage car. I am willing to also entertain trades. I have a 2003 996 Porsche Turbo with 45k miles and a Land Rover LR2. Thanks, Ridaa
  6. R

    #1293 - Jet Black [SOLD back to Tesla]

    I believe this is one of the last Roadsters to have been built, within 150-200 cars of the end of production. I was told that it has every update and all the latest technology. It's a regular (non-Sport) Roadster, with significant upgrades like the adjustable suspension, black forged wheels...